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Welcome to the 2014 ProSoundWeb Buyer's Guide!
Products currently displayed in the 2014 guide below are all nominees for the 2014 PSW Readers' Choice Awards (RCA's). The voting period has ended. Winners will be announced on January 20, 2014 from NAMM.

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Loudspeakers - Subwoofers Products

  • image The enclosure is loaded with two light weight, long excursion, 19” SD19 Kevlar Neodymium drivers utilizing Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and Symmetrical Drive Technology. The drivers employ dual 5” voice coils for exceptional power handling, with a dual-spider suspension system for extra stability even under extreme excursion. They are mounted in an ultra-efficient front-loaded enclosure, designed to reproduce clean, musical low frequency information. The user will appreciate the lower fundamental notes of this design. View this product
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  • image Otto is the world’s first Adaptive™ subwoofer. Utilizing two Offset Aperture-loaded woofers paired with independent on-board amplification, processing and networking, Otto extends Adaptive Performance™ to the lowest octaves of the audible spectrum. Otto will perfectly balance low-frequency coverage with cancellation to suit the user’s requirements; omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid or anywhere in between from just a single module. Combined in arrays, Otto provides users with nearly endless possibilities in low-frequency pattern control. View this product
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  • The SUB 8005-AS is one of the most powerful 21” subwoofers in pro sound category. Featuring a high power, hypervented 21” woofer with 4.5” inside/outside voice coils, this cabinet is designed to deliver a serious amount of low frequency -down to 27 Hz -and 137 dB max SPL! Powered by a 2500-watt digital amplifier module, the SUB 8005-AS can perform in the most demanding situations. The input board includes volume control, deep/punch switch, high pass switch, phase switch, cardioid and… View this product
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  • image Developed from the ground up, VSX Series is precision engineered to deliver high impact, low and ultra-low frequency reinforcement in a compact format. Powerful and versatile performers in either installed sound or portable/live PA applications, VSX Series is ideal for providing high definition, extended low-end response for Tannoy’s wide range of installation loudspeaker systems. All models feature a compact volume and footprint relative to their driver complement and performance capabilities, with each one optimized for maximum efficiency. View this product
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