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Welcome to the 2014 ProSoundWeb Buyer's Guide!
Products currently displayed in the 2014 guide below are all nominees for the 2014 PSW Readers' Choice Awards (RCA's). The voting period has ended. Winners will be announced on January 20, 2014 from NAMM.

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Loudspeakers - Column and Line Source Products

  • The Meyer Sound CAL is a new generation of column array loudspeakers that offer higher power, more extended high-frequency beam-steering and beam-splitting capabilities, and more uniform broad-bandwidth beam formation than any other column system. CAL marks a quantum advancement in achieving coverage control with an unprecedented level of accuracy both in its sonic quality and directionality. The CAL product line comprises three models: CAL 32, CAL 64, and CAL 96. Each contains its named number of drivers. View this product
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  • The NXL 24-A features four 6-inch high power woofers and a 2.5-inch voice coil compression driver. The new ND 640 large format compression driver is loaded from a waveguide to a horn with 100-degree constant horizontal and 30-degree asymmetrical vertical directivity for a consistent field of coverage. The amplifier delivers 1,400 watts-  1,000 watts LF and 400 watts HF. DSP takes care of crossover, equalization, phase alignment, soft limiting and loudspeaker protections. View this product
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  • ICLive’s digital steering technology makes it extremely flexible: with up to eight beams of acoustic energy, it’s possible to tailor coverage to any audience. ICLive uses DSP intelligence, the physical arrays are compact and visually discrete, remaining vertical while sound is aimed up or down using multiple beams to cover a balcony and main floor with one unit. Create six configurations for anything from a hotel meeting to a live concert for thousands from just two inventory items. A basic… View this product
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  • image QFlex is a range of digitally steerable, multi-channel, column array loudspeakers. QFlex was conceived and designed to offer a an effective self-contained solution for applications with challenging acoustic conditions, such as houses of worship, convention centers, shopping malls, performing arts centers and museums. The loudspeakers are loaded with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 or 64 LF and HF drivers, each with its own discrete channel of amplification and integrated DSP. The enclosure can be used as a standalone self-powered… View this product
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