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  • Blueprint AV™ is Adamson’s predictive simulation modeling suite that offers a fast and intuitive workflow, without sacrificing precision.  Design is simple and easy, yet complex simulation options rest at your finger tips. Choose from any of Adamson’s products and deploy them in your virtual space.  Blueprint AV™ is available to the public as a native Java-run program for both PC™ and Mac™ Platforms. View this product
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  • EAW Resolution 2™ is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation software that accurately predicts the performance of multiple arrays within a venue. Driven by EAW’s proprietary F-Chart acoustics modeling software, Resolution is more accurate and powerful than previous generations of software by utilizing measured 3D acoustic data. View this product
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  • Display is the numerical optimisation process that eliminates lengthy trial-and-error tuning sessions, so that an MLA system achieves the required audience coverage straight out of the box.  Based on highly accurate acoustic models of array behaviour, Display gives a precise prediction of the direct sound produced over the audience as well as areas where sound is to be minimised. It takes the guesswork out of array design, deployment and control ─ generating ready-to-use DSP filter configurations and comprehensive rigging information. View this product
    Filed in: Loudspeakers - Modeling Software

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