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Welcome to the 2014 ProSoundWeb Buyer's Guide!
Products currently displayed in the 2014 guide below are all nominees for the 2014 PSW Readers' Choice Awards (RCA's). The voting period has ended. Winners will be announced on January 20, 2014 from NAMM.

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  • 10EaZy sets the standard for accurate, reliable, easy-to-use IEC/ANSI Class 1 and Class 2 compliant SPL monitoring solutions for live sound.10EaZy’s unique combination of pre-calibrated, IEC/ANSI compliant hardware paired with intuitive, feature-rich 10EaZy software provides users with a tamper-proof, closed measurement system with documented results that will stand up to even the most stringent noise regulations. View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

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    The solid state 521 features switchable phantom power, polarity invert, and peak amplitude clip detection, just as in the original ZDT Zero Distortion Preamplifiers™. The transformerless output stage of the 521 will easily drive long cable runs without loss of quality. Transparent gain is switchable from 5dB to 60dB in 5dB steps. View this product
    Filed in: Microphones Preamp

  • WMS420 is a professional multi-channel wireless microphone system with pilot tone transmission to prevent unwanted noise. The Vocal Set includes a HT420 handheld transmitter featuring a patented state-of-the-art D5 dynamic capsule for well-balanced, powerful sound. The space diversity receiver offers both a microphone level and a line level output. View this product
    Filed in: Microphones - Wireless Systems

  • The al-8 Line Array System picks up where the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System leaves off. Just like its little brother, the al-8 utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies to extract exceptional performance from its compact design. Cutting-edge technologies such as beryllium compression drivers, Kevlar/Neo transducers, precision amplification and DSP, onboard SystemVUE networking, and full compatibility with the VUEPoint beam steering technology allow the highly-scalable al-8 to deliver unprecedented performance to a broad range of mid-sized sound reinforcement applications. View this product
    Filed in: Line Arrays - Small Format

  • Alignarray! Original innovator of the patented process of aligning speaker arrays using a laser and inclinometer.  Today’s advanced line array speaker systems require precise installation.  Alignarray is a must have item in every installer’s tool kit. View this product
    Filed in: System Engineer/Tech Tools

  • image EAW Anya is a complete, self-contained, high-power sound reinforcement system that adapts all performance parameters electronically, allowing it to be used in virtually any application. Columns of Anya modules hang straight, without any vertical splay, and Resolution 2 software adapts total system performance to produce asymmetrical output that delivers coherent, full-frequency range response across the entire coverage area as defined by the user. It is extremely powerful and immensely scalable, making it suitable for anything from small venues to the… View this product
    Filed in: Line Arrays - Large Format

  • image Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ - the software for remote control and monitoring of the full range of Powersoft products. On-line or off-line system setup and tuning, real-time management and monitoring of all vital functions from a remote PC via a single intuitive graphical user interface. Armonía puts the power on your screen and into your hands – exactly what you need, when and where you need it. With Armonía, system designers and operators have new and unique tools to significantly… View this product
    Filed in: Power Amplifier Control & Monitoring

  • The ART 745-A takes the active speaker market to a new level with the evolution of the RCF ART Series by offering a 15” 2-way cabinet with a 4” high-frequency, neodymium compression driver providing distinctive vocal clarity and dynamic sound output. The Constant Matching Design of the transducers allows for lowering of crossover point to 650 Hz for articulate, accurate linear response. The 1400-watt amplifier provides the power for high output 133 dB max SPL. View this product
    Filed in: Loudspeakers - Active

  • image Designed for use on professional tours, in stadiums, concert halls, houses of worship and other demanding audio environments, Audio-Technica’s dual-receiver Artist Elite® 5000 Series provides incredible audio quality and proven, critically acclaimed performance for artists, broadcasters and presenters worldwide. The newly upgraded 5000 Series sets standards for wireless live sound, with its dual-compander circuitry that processes high and low frequencies separately. It also features A-T’s proprietary IntelliScan™ capability, 996-channel frequency agility, True Diversity operation, soft-touch controls, digital Tone Lock™ squelch,… View this product
    Filed in: Microphones - Wireless Systems

  • The latest addition to Audio-Technica’s flagship 50 Series line, The AT5045 cardioid condenser is a premier, side-address studio instrument microphone in a convenient, stick-type body. Despite space limitations, the AT5045 boasts A-T’s largest single diaphragm, thanks to the diaphragm’s proprietary rectangular design. With unprecedented dynamic range, exceptionally low noise, high SPL capability and excellent vibration isolation, the AT5045 is the ideal instrument mic for professional live-sound and studio applications. View this product
    Filed in: Microphones - Condenser Type, Performance