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Welcome to the 2014 ProSoundWeb Buyer's Guide!
Products currently displayed in the 2014 guide below are all nominees for the 2014 PSW Readers' Choice Awards (RCA's). The voting period has ended. Winners will be announced on January 20, 2014 from NAMM.

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Line Arrays - Small Format Products

  • The new Vari-directional Array from Bosch combines superior directive sound technology with low-profile looks and straightforward installation and configuration. The system sets new standards for speech intelligibility and overall audio quality in commercial audio, with digitally-controlled directivity to provide excellent pattern control and distribution for ranges of up to 50 meters. The system is ideal for counteracting the reverberant effect of hard construction materials typically used in spaces such as airports or houses of worship. View this product
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  • EVA is a true line array that offers all the benefits of concert-type line arrays without their cost and complexity. Each EVA-2082S module contains two separate, vertically stacked line-array elements splayed within the module at one-half the included vertical angle of the vertically trapezoidal enclosure. With a single amp capable of powering two full-sized arrays, EVA is an extraordinarily efficient solution for main front-of-house applications. View this product
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  • MLA Mini redefines ultra-compact array technology. Its cellular drive principle overcomes the 3dB SPL loss per doubling of distance associated with line arrays and gives complete control over the sound arriving at the ears of the audience. With 9 channels of DSP and amplification housed in its companion MSX mini-sub power plant, the user specifies exactly what SPL and frequency response is required throughout the audience, and intelligent software controls each individual cell in the array to produce that result.  View this product
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  • Meyer Sound’s MINA line array loudspeaker is designed for exceptional musicality and intelligibility in live sound and installation applications facing size and weight limitations. MINA can be applied in smaller theatres, ballrooms, and houses of worship. At less than 18.5 inches wide and only 47 pounds, MINA produces up to 128 dB SPL at one meter with an operating frequency range of 75 Hz to 18 kHz over a 100-degree horizontal coverage area. View this product
    Filed in: Line Arrays - Small Format