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Yamaha CL Series V2.0

The Yamaha CL Series is a Dante network-based console featuring remote I/O for a faster, more responsive Yamaha system solution. All three CL models in the Centralogic series, only differentiated by frame size and input capability, feature 24 mix buses, 8 matrix buses, plus stereo and mono outputs, and 16 DCAs. The footprint of all three CL consoles is small, yet powerful and has been developed specifically for sound reinforcement applications such as performing arts venues, theaters, houses of worship, touring, and remote broadcast. The high output bus count is of great benefit to live broadcast and monitor applications.

V2 enhancements include DCA Roll-Out: Channels assigned to DCA groups can be instantly called up to the console faders for enhanced operational flexibility; output DCA enables the Stereo/Mono bus masters, Mix bus masters, and Matrix bus masters to be assigned to DCA groups. Mix Minus, an important feature in broadcast applications is now provided.

Yamaha CL V2.0 not only adds features that are included in new the QL Series, it provides additional support for end users with features that were previously only available on PM digital mixers. Future plans include built-in Dugan automatic mixing similar to the new QL Series and additional support for broadcast applications in the CL Series.

Rio: Up to eight external Yamaha Rio (remote I/O) boxes can be used for a total of 256 channels via the Dante digital network. The 5U rack space Rio3224-D includes 32 remote controlled mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, and four AES-3 outs. The 3U Rio1608-D includes 16 remote controlled mic/line inputs and eight line outputs.  Dante network I/O can easily be set up and patched utilizing familiar paradigms within the console user interface, with no external software required for network operations.

R Remote: the new Windows-based PC standalone application, R Remote enables remote control of R Series Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, and Ri8-D rack unit head amplifiers directly from a computer. A live recording system can be created with just R Series I/O racks and a computer running Nuendo Live or similar DAW software. Combined with the I/O racks, R Remote can be used with consoles that up until now have not been able to support remote head amp control, such as the 02R96 or 01V96i. For this application, a Dante-MY16-AUD expansion card must be installed in the console.

Yamaha Ri8-D and Ro8-D: the input and output rack units use the same Dante audio network protocol found in the CL Series. The 1U rack mount units provide additional options for flexible system design and implementation, while maintaining excellent sound quality.

StageMix for iPad: The StageMix App provides greater control and flexibility and enables the mixing engineer to freely adjust console parameters and sound levels by wireless control, rather than at the mix position. The App provides features like Sends on Faders, EQ, Dynamics, Mute Group Masters; Channel Naming; Channel Pan; Send Levels in Meter Bridge; Tap Tempo; Selectable Input and Output Meter Positions; and DCA Faders, and Scene Memory controls.

CL Editor: This stand-alone application for Mac or PC allows offline editing or online control of virtually all CL parameters.

CL5: 34 Faders, 72 Mono Inputs + 8 Stereo Inputs
CL3: 26 Faders, 64 Mono Inputs + 8 Stereo Inputs
CL1: 18 Faders, 48 Mono Inputs + 8 Stereo Inputs

24 Mix + 8 Matrix + Stereo + Mono Outputs
16 DCAs, 8 Mute Groups
8U Effects Rack
16U GEQ Rack (up to 32 Flex-15 GEQ)
8U Premium Rack featuring Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5033/5043, VCM Vintage EQ and Compressors and Dynamic EQ
Onboard 2 Track USB Recording
Includes Nuendo Live and Dante Virtual Soundcard for multi-track recording
Gain Compensation System for sharing Inputs among multiple consoles

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