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Cameron Indoor Stadium Control Panel
Credit: Photos By Keith Clark

All system devices outside of the loudspeakers – Shure wireless mics and Yamaha LS9 digital console included - are united and accessible on the system network, putting all of the various control and monitoring packages at the finger tips of the operator. AVI-SPL also developed a very easy-to-use main touch panel control screen tied into the BLU-80 units that allows the operators to select from a variety of optimized system presets, perfectly matching performance to the given application. Audio, meanwhile, is distributed via the CobraNet capability built into each device.

Cameron features a system network infrastructure utilizing CAT-5 that carries control and audio, and is accessible from courtside and two other advantageous locations in the arena. (Analog lines were also included as a fail-safe.) The Yamaha LS9 digital console provides mix and control for more sophisticated applications, with many of the less demanding system applications able to be directed and mixed from a laptop PC.

Further, the simplest applications can be handled by a single volume control – a Griffin Technology PowerMate “blue knob” patched into the system network via a USB connection. And, even common program source devices such as an Apple iPod can be patched in and feed audio to the system within seconds.

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