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Cameron Indoor Stadium Main Loudspeakers
Credit: Photos By Keith Clark

Following a site survey, AVI-SPL offered some preliminary recommendations. All parties strongly favored a distributed approach, due in part to a relatively low ceiling height and a strong desire not to impact the arena’s classic look, in addition to the dramatic performance gains that can be realized with proper deployment.

In physical layout, the arena is quite symmetrical – a clean rectangle largely free of odd angles and “nooks and crannies” that are often the norm in older facilities of this type. Seating follows the rectangular grid, with an upper seating level wrapping all the way around (“deeper” at each end than on the sides), with the bleachers (which can be retracted when desired) on the lower level – again, all the way around.

As a result, formulating suitable, consistent sound reinforcement coverage to every seat in the house with distributed loudspeakers is largely a question of geometry. Various loudspeaker coverage patterns needed to be evaluated, both in terms of their stated dispersions, as well as how well they actually perform within EASE modeling and in reality. Concurrently, this performance data also had to be matched with acceptable mounting positions, always a focal point in deploying a distributed system within an existing facility.

Above we see EAW AX344 loudspeakers mounted on structural support beams on a line down one long side of the rectangle, providing full coverage to the bleachers at throw distances of up to 60 feet. (This is done on the opposite side as well.) Both long-side upper seating regions are covered by equidistantly mounted sets EAW MK2394 mounted horizontally to stay well out of sightlines, with their 90-degree by 45-degree dispersion horns rotated to attain the desired coverage.

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