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Two Antipodean SAE Institutes Think Big with Audient

48-channel Audient ASP8024 console has been installed in each of the Brisbane and Melbourne SAE Institutes

By PSW Staff November 11, 2013

Students enjoy all 48 channels of their new Audient ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control at the Brisbane campus of SAE Institute

A 48-channel Audient ASP8024 console has been installed in each of the Brisbane and Melbourne SAE Institutes.

After a very straight-forward and painless set-up, they were set to work playing a central role in the audio engineering teaching programs.

Each of the two Antipodean educational facilities had a definite idea of what they wanted.

Senior Studio Technician in Brisbane, Louisa Lachi says, “When we were looking for a replacement, we needed a console that was future-proof, sturdy, looked sexy and sounded great.”

Brad Toan, Studio Technician in Melbourne was of the same mind. “We needed a console that will be able to withstand almost constant use all year round, along with being stable and built with quality components that will last. As audio engineers we also want something that sounds fantastic and was easy for students to use and get their heads around.

“We also wanted the ‘wow’ factor of a large format analogue console,” he adds, which is exactly what they’ve now got with the Audient ASP8024. With 48 channels and Dual Layer Control, the desk certainly makes a big statement. “The Audient looks fantastic in the room, it’s a very clean looking design. The console’s signal flow and versatility was a big pro for us, and the inclusion of the DLC [Dual Layer Control] module really adds to its flexibility.”

Back in Brisbane, Associate Lecturer Akshay Kalawar is also impressed.

“It’s the perfect blend of old-school analogue workflow with a new-age approach to mixing via the DLC module,” he says. “For the size of the console, the simplicity in the layout and functionality is second to none. Our Audient is being used to introduce students to complex session handling using a large console.

“We have two live rooms that are isolated and are on two opposite sides of the control room. This layout, coupled with a comprehensive industry standard patchbay provides a perfect real-world scenario for our students to put themselves in the right mindset.”

Kalawar teaches the Bachelor of Audio Production and Diploma of Sound Production students who are honing their engineering skills using the Audient desk. “The ASP8024 is clean and transparent, providing a wonderful avenue for students to strive hard to get their sounds right at the source.”

Toan also finds a lot to praise about the desk in Melbourne. “Personally, I love how flexible the internal routing is. It provides the flexibility to work the way you like to work. I also love using the DLC; it becomes very helpful in those large sessions when you need to do some automation quickly on a vocal track.

“The EQ sounds great, too!” he continues. “You can really dial-in on problematic frequencies with its tight Q values. The preamps are transparent and clean giving you a great sounding signal already when it hits your DAW.”

So, all in all, an excellent investment – Brisbane’s Lachi thinks so. “The ASP8024 fits the bill perfectly and we didn’t need to look any further.”

As for Toan: “I am positive it will prove to be a fantastic addition to the SAE Melbourne campus.”



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