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Neumann Introduces KH 310 A Three-Way Studio Monitor

Based on newly developed drivers housed in a sealed cabinet to deliver highly accurate reproduction

By PSW Staff November 26, 2012

The new Neumann KH 310 A studio monitor; below is a larger image, as well as a view of the rear panel

The new KH 310 A is the latest model in the Neumann KH line of studio monitors, suited for use as a near-field monitor for mixing and mastering, or as a front loudspeaker in medium-sized surround systems, or as a rear loudspeaker for larger multi-channel systems.

The 3-way KH 310 A is based on newly developed drivers housed in a sealed cabinet to deliver highly accurate reproduction over the entire response at high reproduction levels.

The three drivers in each KH 310 A have been carefully optimized using acoustic simulations and an extensive series of measurements to provide exceptional linear reproduction across the entire frequency response.

Accuracy in the bass, which goes down to 34 Hz, is achieved by using a sealed cabinet design to give a fast transient response. The mid-frequencies are re-produced with precision by a dedicated soft dome midrange driver. High frequencies are handled by an alloy fabric dome in an elliptical Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide.

The result is authentic. detailed sound that provides a wide sweet spot while minimizing reflections in the vertical plane.

Three onboard class-AB amplifiers and a high capacity SMPS power supply bring a high headroom with no audible distortion.

Acoustical controls are provided for bass, low-mid and high frequencies. The status of the comprehensive protective system is indicated by a back-lit Neumann logo.

The KH 310 A is magnetically shielded, and an extensive range of accessories offers diverse mounting options.

“Users and the trade press agree—the 2-way nearfield monitor KH 120 sets the standard in its class,” states Wolfgang Fraissinet, president of Neumann.Berlin. “The same uncompromising innovativeness characterizes the new three-way monitor, KH 310 A.”

The KH 310 A will be available in the 1st quarter of 2013.





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