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Nashville’s Dark Horse Institute Expansion Includes Argosy Custom Workstations

“The ability to order desks custom-made by Argosy to exactly the right measurements for our facility has been a life-saver."

By PSW Staff September 26, 2012

The custom length Argosy Mirage D240 workstation in one of the classrooms at Dark Horse Institute, Nashville. In the photo below, we see the Argosy Mirage C240 Rack 'n Roll H10 in the Tack Room at Dark Horse Institute.

Dark Horse Recording has established itself as a prominent recording facility, with artists such as Taylor Swift, Matchbox Twenty, Tim McGraw, Jewel, The Fray and many others regularly recording, taking advantage of the top-notch facilities, customer service, and resort-type atmosphere in the Tennessee countryside. 

The companion teaching facility, Dark Horse Institute, recently expanded its classroom facilities with the addition of a custom eleven-and-a-half-foot-long Argosy Mirage series desk.

Designed to seat four students each at an individual audio workstation, the new custom desk is identical to two others already installed in the classrooms, and joins three other Argosy desks located throughout the Dark Horse Recording Studios complex.

Three years ago, the institute expanded their offerings with an intense 14-week program on audio engineering which covers the music recording process from mics all the way to mix.

Students receive instruction from working engineers and classes are held in one of their four studios, with students actively participating in sessions seated at the mixing console, for a hands-on learning experience. The venture has proved so successful that the institute will move to a second campus six miles away at the “Franklin Factory.”

An array of Argosy desks can be found in every area of the four studio complex.  Owner Robin Crow states, “We’ve gotten so hooked on the Argosy desks, we can’t stop ordering them.” 

To date they have six Argosy desks to accommodate various mixing consoles as well as three matching 12 ft. Mirage desks which each hold four iMac Pro Tools work stations. 

“The ability to order desks custom-made by Argosy to exactly the right measurements for our facility has been a life-saver,” Crow adds. “There’s no doubt we will soon be up to a dozen or so desks in the near future.”




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