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Euphonix EuCon Control Protocol Integrated Into MIO Console

Integration Gives Euphonix Artist Series Controllers Unprecedented Control of Mobile I/O Interfaces

By Keith Clark December 12, 2008

Euphonix EuCon control protocol is now integrated into Metric Halo's MIO Console application.

Euphonix has announced the integration of its EuCon control protocol into Metric Halo’s MIO Console application, giving Euphonix’ Artist Series media controllers unmatched control over the Mobile I/O family of audio interfaces.

MIO Console consolidates all of the controls for Metric Halo’s powerful Mobile I/O hardware into one easy to use window, and provides full control of every aspect of Mobile I/O.

EuCon integration provides Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix users with hands-on control over a host of MIO Console functions ranging from low-latency monitor mixing and transport control to setting mic gains, phantom power and much more.

“Metric Halo is a world leader in mobile recording and DSP development, and we are very excited to have EuCon integrated into such a powerful product line” stated Martin Kloiber, Euphonix CEO. “Our slim-line Artist Series controllers are the perfect complement to the Mobile I/O interfaces, giving users comprehensive, tactile control of their hardware in a compact form factor.”

Unique features that Euphonix media controllers bring to Metric Halo’s MIO Console software include:
• Remote Control over Mic Preamp input gain.
• Phantom power, phase and source selection.
• Full support for fader ordering.
• Full support for dynamic metering.
• Setting of Monitor Control level and selection of Monitor Control Input Source.
• Full support for transport control.
• Creation of custom Soft Keys for any MIO Console function or macro commands via the Soft Key Editor.
• Touch-sensitive, high-resolution rotary encoders and motorized faders.
• Ability to flip any editable parameters from the rotary encoders to the faders.
• Locking of any fader to any track in MIO Console via the Direct Assign feature.
• Support for up to 9 character channel.

“Immediately after the introduction of the Euphonix Artist Series, we were contacted by users excited about the combination of EuCon technology and the advanced mixer technology in the Mobile I/O”, said Joe Buchalter, President of Metric Halo.

He continues, “The flexibility, sophistication, and portability of EuCon and the Artist Series is a perfect match for the configurability and functionality of the Mobile I/O and we are excited to offer a first-class implementation of EuCon technology in MIO Console v.5.1.”

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