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Matthew Weiss Debuts The Maio Collection, A Unique Drum Sample Library

"My goal is to reinvent the sound that I remember in a new way and make natural acoustic drums sound as unique and crisp as synthetic drums." -- Matthew Weiss

By PSW Staff February 19, 2014

Matthew Weiss, a mix engineer from Philadelphia whose credits include Snoop Dogg, Gorilla Zoe, Dizzee Rascal and many more, has released a new affordable drum sample library called Weiss Drums – The Maio Collection. (Check it out here.)

The Maio Collection contains more than 150 unique drum sounds, curated from a selection of over 1,000 acoustic one shots.

Weiss, also a noted author on recording, engineering and production topics whose work appears on The Pro Audio Files and ProSoundWeb, recorded the collection through a vintage API Console into a Studer A820 tape machine at 15ips. For processing, he utilized analog outboard gear, digital plug-ins and numerous custom techniques he’s developed over the years to make this drum sample library unique.

“Growing up on 90s hip-hop, I fell in love with the texture and character of drums that were chopped from breaks and programmed in vintage samplers,” Weiss explains. “But around the late 90s, early 2000s, synthetic drums became the popular sound: cleaner, crisper, harder-hitting.

He continues, “My goal is to reinvent the sound that I remember in a new way and make natural acoustic drums sound as unique and crisp as synthetic drums.”

Specifically, the new library consists of 31 snares, 29 kicks, 46 cymbals, 44 hi-hats, 9 percussion, and 4 toms.

Dan Comerchero, publisher of The Pro Audio Files, states, “I could tell you how unique these drums sound. Or how they’re a blend of the best of both acoustic and synthetic drum characteristics. Or how they’ll make your beats hit harder and stand out. But I won’t, because if you know Matthew from his articles and tutorials, you already know this will be true. Not only is he an incredibly talented mix engineer, he’s also a total hip-hop head.”

Go here for more information on The Maio Collection, as well as audio examples and purchase. Price is just $25.

And, The Pro Audio Files has put together a free Maio Sampler Pack. Check it out here.

Weiss Drums – The Maio Collection
The Pro Audio Files


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