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iOS Version Of Quiztones Available Free This Week; Mixing Rap Vocals Tutorial 50 Percent Off

Take advantage of two ways to drastically improve your mixing skills

By PSW Staff August 7, 2013

Quiztones and Mixing Rap Vocals

Our friends at The Pro Audio Files are inviting you to take advantage of two ways to drastically improve your mixing skills.

First, the iOS version of Quiztones by Audiofile Engineering is available for free, this week only.

Quiztones is a highly recommended ear training app for audio professionals. It uses tones and frequency-altered noise and musical loops (including source material from your own music library) to train ears and help develop more acute listening and frequency recognition skills.

The iOS version of Quiztones, again, free this week, is available here.

In addition, the Mixing Rap Vocals tutorials by noted mix engineer and author Matthew Weiss are available at 50 percent off.

If you’ve read any of Matthew’s articles, you know he really knows how to break down complex topics in an incredibly logical and digestible way. Rap vocals are his specialty. Find out more about the tutorials and purchase/download here.

Quiztones Download.
Mixing Rap Vocals
Audiofile Engineering
The Pro Audio Files


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