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In The Studio: DIY Or Pro?

Looking at the positives and downsides of both approaches

By Matthew Weiss February 14, 2013

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It’s no secret, the creation and distribution of music today can be done 100 percent from home – and the means to do so are fairly accessible. 

However, this isn’t to say that DIY is necessarily the best way to go.

It can be difficult navigating a musical production, so hopefully this article will offer some insights.

Going Pro – The Pros

Specialists: Pros are pros for a reason – what you may be doing for the tenth time, the pro is doing for the seven hundredth time. Pros have the understanding that only years of focused dedication can grant – whether that be in song writing, production, mixing, mastering, editing, or an instrument.

Equipment: Pros not only have the know-how, but they generally also have the tools dedicated to their craft. What you spent on your whole setup, the pro may have very well spent on a single microphone.
Cohesion: Music is one field where the whole can exceed the sum of it’s parts. Something special happens when you put a dedicated producer, a dedicated tracking engineer, and seasoned instrumentalists in a room together. They take things further than what they could have been.

Perspective: It’s nice to get an outsider’s perspective on your project. If you’re involved in multiple parts of the process such as performing and recording, it can become tiresome and uninspiring to also mix and master. Sometimes an outsiders perspective is just what you need.

Network: Professionals usually know a number of people – label A&Rs, managers, other film and music artists. While working through a professional shouldn’t be used as a crutch to get established – it’s another networking outlet.

Going Pro – Cons

Money: Professionals aren’t cheap.

Let Downs: Not all pros are necessarily good, and sometimes being good for one project might not mean being good for another. In fact, choosing the right professionals can be so cumbersome you may need to hire a professional at doing that (they’re called A&Rs)! Regardless, finding the right people can be tough.

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