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ADAM Audio Now Shipping New F Series Professional Studio Monitors

Two full-range models joined by a subwoofer

By PSW Staff February 20, 2013

New ADAM Audio F Series studio monitors

ADAM Audio is now shipping new F Series professional studio monitors with signature tweeter technology, offered at the most accessible prices in the company’s history.

The new F Series consists of the F5 and F7 nearfield monitors and SubF dedicated subwoofer.

Both the F5 and F7 employ the company’s new ART tweeter that provides performance similar to ADAM’s X-ART tweeter in a smaller size to fit the new form factor with the same clarity and unique resolution as its predecessor, and slightly less efficiency and maximum SPL.

Besides the ART tweeter, which is powered by a 25-watt (rms) A/B amplifier, the compact F5 includes a 5-inch midwoofer also powered by a 25W (rms) A/B amplifier.

The F7’s ART tweeter is driven by a 40-watt (rms) A/B amplifier, and also has 7-inch woofer powered by a 60-watt (rms) A/B amplifier.

The SubF incorporates a robust 8-inch woofer with driven by a 150-watt (rms) PWM (pulse width modulation) power amplifier. The amp stays cool while handling maximum power levels, even when sustained.

Several controls to adjust the subwoofer are located on the rear panel: a volume knob (-∞ to +6 dB), a control for the crossover frequency, and a phase switch. The SubF is an ideal match for both the F5 and the F7 monitors wherever a deeper and more powerful bass response is required.

Several controls provided to adjust the F5 and F7 monitors to the environment are located on the rear panel: two room EQs for the high and the low frequencies as well as a volume knob (-∞ to +6 dB). In addition, there is an 85 Hz high-pass filter to facilitate the use of a subwoofer. There are both XLR combo (jack) and RCA connectors on the rear panel as well.

MSRP for F Series:
F5: $249.99 each—$499.98 a pair
F7: $399.99 each—$799.98 a pair
SubF: $399.99

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