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Waves Audio Launches The Morgan Page EMP Plug-In Toolbox

Contains eight Waves processors that Page uses most in his mixing and mastering sessions

By PSW Staff January 20, 2014

The new Morgan Page EMP Toolbox from Waves EMP

Waves EMP, the electronic music production division of Waves Audio, announces the availability of the Morgan Page EMP Toolbox plug-in collection.

This is the second bundle in a series in Waves’ new EMP product line.

Whether he’s remixing for noted artists or putting out his own Grammy-nominated singles, Morgan Page balances electronic dance beats and pop sensibilities at a high level. As with any medium, an electronic musician needs a palette to work from that can deliver equal parts creative inspiration and technical refinement, which is why Page relies on Waves EQs, dynamics and effects as his primary set of production tools.

The Morgan Page EMP Toolbox contains eight Waves processors that he uses most in his mixing and mastering sessions, intended for electronic music producers of every shade of the spectrum.

Page states, ”Waves plug-ins are the single most important group of plugins in my setup because they allow me to work quickly. It’s crucial for me to get a great vocal chain with a minimal amount of clicks. I need my plug-ins to be intuitive and versatile, because I use them for so many different tasks, including writing, remixing, tracking, sound design, mixing, and mastering.”

The Morgan Page EMP Toolbox includes the following plug-ins: Maserati VX1 Vocal Enhancer, Vocal Rider, TrueVerb, SoundShifter, NLS Non-Linear Summer, H-Delay Hybrid Delay, L3-LL Multimaximizer, and H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer. (Page also uses the Waves SSL 4000 Collection.)

The Morgan Page EMP Toolbox is now available with a U.S. MSRP of $599 and a special introductory price of $449.

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