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Waves Audio Announces eMotion Mixer For SoundGrid

First products include eMotion LV1 for live sound and eMotion Studio, for recording and post production

By PSW Staff February 7, 2013

Screenshot of the new Waves eMotion mixer for SoundGrid; larger image below

Waves Audio announces the new eMotion mixer for SoundGrid systems, with the introduction of the line’s first products, the eMotion LV1 for live sound front-of-house and monitor applications, and eMotion Studio, for recording, mixing and post production facilities.

eMotion is designed to integrate seamlessly with Waves SoundGrid-compatible I/Os.

The eMotion Mixer engine is powered by low-latency Intel-based Waves SoundGrid DSP servers. Features include low-latency Waves plug-in processing on every channel; support for multiple mixers, I/O boxes and SoundGrid DSP servers over a single network; hardware scalability using standard network components; compatibility with standard control surfaces; Multi-Touch support; Windows and Mac compatibility; and preset sharing across consoles and platforms.

The LV1, the first product in the eMotion series, includes two new integrated plugins: EMO-D5 dynamics processor and EMO-Q4 equalizer.

LV1 Software Mixer:

—64 input channels (mono/stereo)
—32 stereo buses + return channels
—L/R, center, mono main buses + master channels
—8 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 8 user-assignable function controls
—Cue/SIP and talk-back
—EMO-Q4 equalizer: 4-band EQ with HP and LP per channel
— EMO-D5 dynamics processor: Comp/Gate/Expander/DeEsser/Limiter/Leveler per channel
—Up to 6 plug-ins per channel
—Connect to multiple DAWs for recording and playback
—Save and transmit sessions and snapshots from any DAW to eMotion
—Connect and share SoundGrid I/O devices, drivers and applications
—Up to 1000 Scenes/Snapshots
—Up to 96 kHz sample rate
—Automatic plugin delay compensation
—Mackie HUI control surface support, including iPad HUI emulators


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