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TELEFUNKEN Introduces New THP-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones

Designed for both live sound and studio applications

By PSW Staff August 13, 2014

New TELEFUNKEN THP-29 Extreme Isolation headphones

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has introduced new THP-29 Extreme Isolation headphones, designed for both studio and live sound environments.

The new headphones are designed to protect eardrums from damage while improving the recording, performing and listening experience. They incorporate high-fidelity, high-input 40 mm drivers with proprietary TruSound Tonal Accuracy, joined by 29 dB of natural passive isolation.

Suggested applications include live mixers who need to block out monitor loudspeakers, drummers who need to be able to hear the mix without setting their volume at an unreasonably high level, and critical mixing during post production.

The closed-back design, lightweight construction, adjustable head strap and padded ear cushions provide optimum comfort during lengthy recording or listening sessions. The advanced isolation capabilities eliminate extra bleed while giving an average of 29 dB of noise reduction over a wide frequency range.

Developed in partnership with Direct Sound, THP-29 headphones come with padded adjustable headband, storage pouch, and jack adaptor that provides passive isolation with no batteries required.

U.S. MSRP $135. Orders can be placed here.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik


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