Shane And Shane Launch Ambitious Worship Initiative Project With Aviom

Popular worship musicians Shane and Shane upgrade to Aviom A360 Personal Mixers.

By PSW Staff April 8, 2014

Shane Everett with his new A360 personal mixer.

Popular worship musicians Shane and Shane have been using Aviom personal mixers on stage and in the studio for more than eight years and have just recently started using Aviom’s new A360 personal mixers.

Shane and Shane are currently busy working on their new Worship Initiative project, a worship training website that they will launch later this year.

“Shane and I have been using Aviom systems for years, and they have never let us down. They have stood up to the grueling conditions of the road, and we are still using them today,” says Shane Everett.

Not only have the guys traveled extensively with their Aviom system, but they have also used them while recording their last five albums.

Now the pair has expanded the scope of their work with the plan to launch the Worship Initiative website, which as they describe it is “an online resource to empower musicians to lead.”

The Worship Initiative will empower musicians by providing training in content, craft, and creation. The content component helps musicians, songwriters, and worship pastors to consider their calling through worship devotionals, Bible applications and study tools, review classes from acclaimed seminaries, and video podcasts.

The craft component will instruct musicians in how to effectively lead worship. As a guide for worship musicians, Shane and Shane have recorded 100 worship songs, and they plan to release 10 new songs each quarter.

Not only did they record these 100 songs, but they also created over 700 training videos that will coach musicians by showing the detailed chord changes for every instrument played on a song. And they will release a Worship Initiative iPad app created with the help of Total Praisetrax that will help musicians practice and/or perform.

Finally, the creation component of The Worship Initiative will establish a songwriting community that cultivates sharing work and providing feedback, along with a 14 week class taught by Shane Barnard.

Shane and Shane started using their Aviom A360 Personal Mixers right around the time they started filming the videos for the Worship Initiative.

Everett says, “In the studio the new Aviom A360s have blown our minds with the flexibility and control they offer. The spatial panning feature, the on-board effects, and the ambient mic have made an already stellar system even better.

“Whether in the studio or on the road, our first choice is always Aviom.”



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