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Sensaphonics Introducing 3D AARO In-Ear Monitoring System At 2014 NAMM

Second-generation Active Ambient IEM system adds significant new features

By PSW Staff January 20, 2014

The new Sensaphonics 3D AARO custom in-ear system

Sensaphonics is introducing the new 3D AARO (Active Ambient, Record Out) custom in-ear system at the upcoming 2014 NAMM show in Anaheim, at booth 6952.

The 3D AARO incorporates the second generation upgrade of the company’s patented Active Ambient technology platform. Specifically, it builds on the success of the 3D Active Ambient, which adds fully controllable on-stage sound to the in-ear mix via embedded binaural microphones.

The ambient audio is captured with full-range accuracy and precise directionality, with the 3D AARO adding the ability to capture that ambient audio via a stereo record out mini-jack on the 3D-RO bodypack mixer/amplifier.

Connecting that output to a digital recorder allows musicians to record their practice sessions from the point of view of their own ears, with all directional cues in place and no need to set up extra mics. Previously available only as a custom shop option, the record out feature has also proven useful for field production, live concert recording, and surround audio capture.

In addition, Sensaphonics has added a bass boost switch to the new 3D-RO bodypack. This new feature adds +10 dB of low frequency response to the mix. The bass boost feature is especially useful when playing on concrete stages, where the natural bass response obtained from hollow wooden stages is unavailable.

Finally, to minimize downtime, the 3D Ambient earphones have been upgraded to include a new quadaxial cable connector. This new cable offers the same form factor, plug-in convenience, and secure connectivity as the coaxial connector found on other Sensaphonics earphones. The new quadaxial cable employs four connections per earphone to accommodate the signal flow requirements of having both ambient audio and monitor mix flowing to and from the 3D-RO mixer. 

The full-range 3D AARO earphones are available in either single-driver (3D-1q) or dual-driver (3D-2q) configurations, drawing their power from the 3D bodypack for maximum efficiency.

“The 3D AARO adds significant new features to our proven 3D technology,” states Dr. Micheal Santucci, Sensaphonics founder and president. “By adding record out, bass boost, and the quadaxial cable as standard features, we have expanded functionality and reliability while maintaining the unique, patented system that allows the hundreds of 3D users to hear both the monitor mix and their on-stage sound with both earpieces in place. We’re also very happy to announce that our pricing remains the same, making the 3D AARO an even greater value.”

First introduced in 2006, the 3D Active Ambient (U.S. Patent #8,160,261) employs advanced circuitry design to capture on-stage audio up to 140 dB-SPL with no distortion and zero latency. It remains the only fully controllable ambient IEM system on the market.

System prices are $2,000 for the single-driver version and $2,500 for dual-driver, with special introductory pricing and free ear impressions available during the NAMM convention.



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