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Ray LaMontagne Tours With Adamson Systems

Eighth Day Sound provides Adamson Energia rig for national Ray LaMontagne tour.

By PSW Staff September 2, 2014

Adamson Energia line arrays are ready to rock for the Ray LaMontagne concert held at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago.

This summer American singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne has been playing in sheds across the country promoting his latest album, Supernova. The popular performer is accompanied by a four piece band and reinforced by a full Adamson Energia sound reinforcement system provided by Highland Heights, Ohio-based Eighth Day Sound.

This tour was the first time that Jon Lemon, FOH engineer, used a complete Adamson system. Having used the E15 line array enclosures when he was out with Smashing Pumpkins, he was delighted with the addition of the new E12 line array enclosures and E218 subwoofer.

“When I checked out the new E12 I was surprised how similar it sounded to the E15 and how even it was through the full bandwidth – I was impressed,” Lemon explains. “It was seamless and couples together with the E15 quite nicely. The new E218 subwoofer completed the package with more than enough low end for our show.”

Eighth Day Sound provided 24 E15, 36 E12 and 12 E218 enclosures powered by Lab.gruppen amplifiers. For all of his FOH needs, Lemon mans a DiGiCo SD10 digital console.

“The Adamson system is very flexible and easy to use,” adds Kyle Walsh, system tech for Eighth Day Sound. “After I shoot the room/mark points I put the data into the Adamson Blueprint AV software and it creates specifics for handling the system and we’re set. Depending upon riggers, we can be in and up in 2 hours.”

Walsh also points out that the tour has played in a variety of venues which required a system versatile enough to be reconfigured to suit the space.

“I’ve flown all E12s, all E15s, a mix of both – even stacked them in some places,” Walsh adds. “It sounds terrific no matter what configuration we put together.”

As the shed portion of the tour winds down, Ray LaMontagne will transition into playing theaters during the latter part of 2014.

“I’m looking forward to using the Adamson system in the smaller rooms,” concludes Lemon. “If need be I can just use the E12s – it has such a wide dispersion that I’ll be covered. There is so much flexibility, I’m confident the system will continue to sound fantastic.”

Behind The Curtain – Jon Lemon from Adamson Systems Engineering on Vimeo.

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