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NTP Technology Launching AX32 Audio AD/DA/DD Converter To U.S. Market At Upcoming AES

All 32 mic feeds can be connected back to the control room along a single Cat 5 cable via IP Ethernet

By PSW Staff October 15, 2012

The new DAD AX32 AD/DA converter from NTP Technology (larger image below)

At the upcoming 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco (booth 1237), NTP Technology is introducing the new DAD AX32 mastering-quality audio AD/DA converter to the U.S. market.

Housed in a 2RU chassis, the AX32 allows large multi-microphone arrays to be accommodated without the need to transport a second processor.

All 32 microphone feeds can be connected back to the control room along a single Cat 5 cable via fully transparent and uncompressed IP Ethernet.

“The AX32 is a development of the highly successful 24-channel AX24 which is used by many of the world’s leading studios for ultra-low-noise microphone preamplification as well as transparent analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog and bit-rate conversion,” states Mikael Vest, sales director for NTP Technology. “Designed for no-compromise audio recording, mastering, post-production, and future-proof archiving, the AX32 retains the flexible control features that have made the AX24 so popular.

“A larger control screen on the front panel of the AX32 interacts with four adjacent pushbuttons to provide fast and easy local control. Remote operation can be achieved from an Ethernet-connected PC. Preamp parameters can be represented on the channel strip of third-party audio production consoles and workstations.

“The AX32’s audio via IP Ethernet capabilities allow master recordings to be networked from one studio to another or across a large building complex,” Vest continues. “The Ethernet IP audio interface handles up to 512 channels and uses the highly robust Audinate Dante technology employed in our Penta 725 IP audio routing system. AES/EBU and MADI inputs and outputs plus a Gigabit Ethernet IP interface are provided for use with a Dante Virtual Soundcard for PC, Apple Mac and other Dante compatible devices.”

The AX32 is designed to integrate closely with Avid’s ProTools|HDX multitrack capture/editing/mixing system. A versatile interface structure allows the AX32’s processors to be assigned to any digital interface or patched between the interfaces on a channel-to-channel basis.

Compatible with all standard sampling rates up to 384 kilohertz, the AX32 allows production of future-proof master-quality Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD) and Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio data formats as well as the 44.1 to 192 kilohertz formats commonly used for audio editing and distribution.

An optional ultra-low-noise microphone preamplifier provides analogue gain control in 3-decibel steps as well as digital gain control with 0.25 decibel precision. Dynamic range of analog to digital and digital-to-analog conversion is 126 dB. The preamplifier’s equivalent noise floor is -132 dB.


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