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New Argosy Eclipse Console System Can Accommodate Virtually Any Control Surface Or Mixer

Supplies flexibility and stability while providing a sleek look and feel

By PSW Staff November 4, 2014

A new Eclipse Console System from Argosy.

Argosy has announced the Eclipse Console System, a universal solution in technical furniture that can accommodate virtually any control surface or mixer, adding flexibility and stability while providing a sleek look and feel.

Argosy Eclipse is designed for specific console models such as the Avid S6, Yamaha CL3, CL 5 and Nuage, as well as being available as a universal Workstation model. The workstation version is made to accommodate any control surface, offering a solid, flat desk area with the flexibility to suit smaller control surfaces and mixers.

“Initially, we started designing the Eclipse with the Avid S6 in mind, but as the product developed, we realized that its stability and functionality made it a universal solution for virtually every control surface and mixer,” says Wm. David Atkins, president and director of design at Argosy. “Now all of our clients can enjoy the flexibility, functionality and sleekness of the aesthetically pleasing solution that Eclipse offers.”

The new Eclipse technical furniture is built around an aluminum rail frame system providing extreme strength and rigidity to ensure stability. It also offers a new laser-cut sleek leg design as well the ability to integrate 19-inch rack gear or a producers desk space with existing equipment. 

An aluminum chassis system and the ability to integrate racks or desk space either on the left or the right allows offers the flexibility for the Eclipse desk to be used for almost any application. Further enhancing the look and feel of the Eclipse are padded bolsters wrapped in leather in front of each rack unit or producers desk. 

Early adopters of the Eclipse include Bryan Adams as well as multi-platinum engineer Mick Guzauski and producer/engineer/mixer Glenn Rosenstein, who notes, “The Eclipse is an astoundingly beautiful solution for the Avid S6.” 

Argosy is now accepting orders both for the Eclipse Console system for the Avid S6 – from smaller 16-fader systems to larger models with unlimited expansion capabilities, as well as the Yamaha CL3, CL5 and Nuage models. Universal Eclipse Workstation models are also now available, as well as quotes for custom Eclipse solutions for a variety of other mixers and control surfaces.



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