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IsoAcoustics Ships Custom-Configurable Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands For Guitar/Bass Amps

Flexible way to enhance the sound clarity and performance of amplifiers via proprietary "floating design.

By PSW Staff July 2, 2014

One of the new aluminum Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands from IsoAcoustics, doing its job

IsoAcoustics announces the availability of a new line of aluminum Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands that can be custom-configured for guitar and bass amplifiers and loudspeaker situations, including studios, rehearsal venues, performance stages, nightclubs, theatres, concert halls and many other applications.

The new modular stands provide a flexible way to enhance the sound clarity and performance of amplifiers via a proprietary “floating design.” They have an all-aluminum construction that can be built to any size matrix configuration, incorporating any number of isolators required to meet the needs of the particular application at hand. 

The IsoAcoustics Design Calculator allows the user to enter the specific amp or loudspeaker model (or other input parameters) in order to be able to create a custom configuration that accounts for size, weight and intended use. Stands can be configured to any size for any application from 8 x 8 inches and larger, and can also address the specific requirements of weight capacities, which may exceed 200 psf.

Custom orders for the IsoAcoustics Modular Stand System can be processed by local retailers, and the stands are also available at retail in standard common sizes to complement popular brands of larger monitors, subwoofers and guitar/bass amplifiers.

“IsoAcoustics is very pleased to be able to offer musicians a custom isolation solution for their instrument amplifiers and speakers,” says Dave Morrison, CEO of IsoAcoustics. “This is the first custom solution of its kind geared toward the musician, which is both very affordable and extremely effective.”



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