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Hal Leonard Publishes 2nd Edition Of Engineering & Producing

Step forward into the technical, musical, and business aspects of producing today

By PSW Staff October 11, 2012

Engineering & Producing 2nd Edition by Bill Gibson, available from Hal Leonard Books

Hal Leonard Books has published Engineering & Producing, the second edition of the fifth book in the Hal Leonard Recording Method by Bill Gibson ($39.99).

The first four books of the Hal Leonard Recording Method cover microphones, mixers, recording vocals and instrument; working with samples and loops, and modern sequencers, along with how digital recording software and plug-ins work in the studio.

This edition takes a big step forward, examining modern concerns of engineers and producers. This detailed guide addresses some of the most important new considerations, such as social media, aggregators, making money in the current business climate, earning royalties from streaming and Internet radio stations, professional organizations and songwriter affiliations, and more.

New in this edition:

—Extensive use of QR Codes, which link directly to associated websites and resources via your smart device’s QR Code readers. This expands the content of the book far beyond the printed page.

—New and updated media examples included wherever appropriate.

—Loads of new material about changes in the audio industry and what it takes to engineer and produce today.

— What engineers and producers need to know about new delivery systems, social networking, marketing, independent releases, the current state of the major label world, and more.

—Multiple appendices that provide substantial industry resources, musicians’ associations, and other tools for the modern engineer and producer

The accompanying DVD-ROM provides several detailed screen shots, illustrations, and video and audio examples..

The author, Bill Gibson, has spent the last 30-plus years writing, performing, recording, producing, and teaching music, and he has written more than 30 books and produced several videos covering important audio concepts.

Gibson, an instructor at the Art Institute of Seattle, is also known for his work helping Quincy Jones author the book Q on Producing. He has developed curriculum and currently teaches online sound courses for Berklee College of Music in Boston. The courses have been very helpful to a diverse international student body.

Gibson serves as a trustee for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and also on the National Advisory Board for the Recording Academy’s Producers and Engineers Wing.

Engineering & Producing, 2nd Edition
Hal Leonard Books
Inventory #HL 00333700
ISBN: 9781458436924
$ 39.99 (US)
304 pages

Hal Leonard Books
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