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Game Audio Factory Outfits New 5.1 Mix Rooms With Argosy Workstations

Facility focuses on all aspects of video game audio and is the French representative for Native Prime

By PSW Staff September 6, 2012

The Argosy Dual 15-803 Workstation in Studio A Game Audio Factory in Angoulême, France

Game Audio Factory has installed two Argosy workstations in the two 5.1 mix rooms at its new headquarters located in southwestern France.

The facility focuses on all aspects of video game audio and is the French representative for Native Prime, a multilingual game localization service that maintains a global network of in-country language specialists.

“We bought the G Series Argosy workstation because they were the first desks set up for the Euphonix Artist Series controllers, which we use in our rooms,” says Vincent Percevault, CEO, owner and audio producer at Game Audio Factory, which was established in 2008. “We chose Argosy because of the company’s reputation and the fact that many of our friends in post-production are using their desks. Plus, we appreciated the detailed information and specifications on the Argosy website.”

The new Game Audio Factory studios, completed at the end of 2011, houses two audio control rooms dedicated to sound design, music composition and 5.1 mixing.

The facility also features a spacious sound stage for recording effects, Foley, voice and music, and can also provide location recording services.

And, it offers motion capture capabilities through SolidAnim, a partner company specializing in 3-D animation for visual effects and video games.

Game Audio Factory handles every aspect of game audio post production, including talent casting, sound design, dialog direction, voiceover recording and mixing.

“We spend most of our lives in front of these workstations, so we must insist upon good ergonomic, reliable and solid desks,” continues Percevault. “Compared to less expensive desks, the Argosy workstations are worth it.”

Studio A is outfitted with an Argosy Dual 15 model Workstation with two 24-inch iiyama ProLite monitor screens and Euphonix Artist Series MC Control and MC Mix surfaces located in the center section.

The Argosy D15 desk’s racks house Avalon Vt-737SP and Focusrite ISA 430 channel strips, with a Grace Design m906 surround sound controller managing the studio’s 5.1 system, comprising five Focal Solo6 Be monitors plus a Sub6.

Studio B’s Argosy G-Series desk is also equipped with Euphonix Artist Series controllers and twin iiyama screens, and features the same rack-mounting channel strips as Studio A, as well as a Yamaha 01X digital console.

In addition, Studio B’s G-Series desk houses SSL XLogic Delta-Link and Alpha-Link audio converters, with an SPL SMC 2489 controlling the 5.1 monitor system, which includes five Focal CMS 65 speakers and a CMS Sub.

Both studios use Apple Mac Pro 8-core workstations running Avid Pro Tools v10, Nuendo, Adobe Audition CS6, and an assortment of audio plug-ins and virtual instruments, including the Wave Mercury bundle and Native Instruments Komplete.

Angoulême, which is about two hours by high-speed train from Paris, is an appropriate location for a studio specializing in visual entertainment. Since opening its new facilities, Game Audio Factory has worked on numerous high profile projects, including “Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne,” a role-playing game (RPG) developed by Cyanide Studio in Paris, and “Endless Space,” the first game from Amplitude Studios, also in Paris.

The company also supplied sound design and mix for a trailer for role-playing game “Of Orcs and Men,” a joint development by Spiders and Cyanide. Earlier this year, Game Audio Factory recorded multi-language voiceovers for “Wargame: European Escalation,” a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Eugen Studios, and also provided sound design and mix for the cinematics.

In addition, Game Audio Factory handled sound design for the “Wargame” trailer. In March, the company completed French language localization for “Les Aventures de Tintin: Le Secret de la Licorne” (“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”), from developer Ubisoft.

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