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Fred Hammond And United Tenors Tour With RCF

Fred Hammond and The United Tenors tour with RCF.

By PSW Staff January 6, 2014

The United Tenors out on tour with sound reinforcement by RCF.

Fred Hammond, arguably one of the most recognizable voices in Gospel music, has received numerous Dove, Stellar and Grammy Awards honoring his innovative work in the genre.

In 2013 Hammond reached across musical boundaries with the creation of United Tenors, a quartet of male vocalists that fuse the gospel stylings of Hammond and Brian Courtney Wilson with the R&B influences of Dave Hollister and Eric Roberson.

Recently the group has been out on tour promoting their album United Tenors: Hammond, Hollister, Roberson, Wilson with a RCF TTL33-A line array system supported by TTS-56A subwoofers.

The system was comprised of eight TTL33-A boxes, an active three-way box with dual 8-inch low frequency woofers along with one 8-inch midrange and three-inch high frequency compression drivers, along with 10 TTS-56A double 21-inch active subwoofers.

“The vocals were pristine,” explains Ray Hammond, front-of-house engineer on the tour. “The system no only handled the four vocalists superbly, but duplicated the rhythm section with precision. The system rocked!”

Hammond had previously worked with an RCF TTL55-A line array system, downsizing slightly for this tour’s venues to the TTL33-A.

“At first, I was a little concerned of the overall sound considering the size of the subwoofers and the 8-inch drivers in the main PA,” Hammond adds. “I expected a frequency hole but to my surprise, it worked great.”

Hammond used RCFs stand-up kart which made getting the P.A. up and dialing it in quick and easy.  RDNet, RCF’s proprietary DSP protocol that allows for the monitoring of all system components and control parameters including gain, equalization and delay, added considerably to ease of setup in every venue.

“It was one of the fastest systems I’ve ever worked with,” Hammond concludes. “It sounded amazing, it was flexible and incredibly easy to dial in the system from venue to venue.”



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