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Equator Audio Announces New FB/E Sound Abatement Panels

Greater absorption and more flexible placement for project studios

By PSW Staff January 17, 2014

Francis Buckley with a new FB/E sound abatement panel.

Equator Audio has announced the introduction of a new recording studio accessory, Francis Buckley/Equator (FB/E) sound abatement panels. They will be on display at the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim at booth 6698.

Developed in conjunction with Francis Buckley, Grammy Award winning engineer/producer and host of the internet TV show Studio Rescue, new FB/E panels address the challenge of controlling sound reflections in the mix position.

FB/E panels are manufactured from high density cotton material for maximum absorption, are lightweight, and cut to 1-foot by 2-foot size with a 2-inch depth.

Unlike foam and fiberglass panels that are typically cut to 2-foot by 4-foot dimensions, the compact dimensions of the FB/E panels means that there is greater flexibility for positioning within small control rooms.

“Our new FB/E sound abatement panels effectively absorb unwanted primary reflections that can interfere with the mix position,” says Buckley. “Acoustical treatment is a very important consideration for any critical listening space and yet there is relatively little focus on it—particularly for the home studio operator.

“In addition to their stellar absorption qualities, these smaller panels offer greater placement flexibility in small rooms such as home studios. They are a vital element for controlling unwanted reflections in the mix position and they are a ‘green,’ environmentally friendly solution to boot.”

FB/E panels com with an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 1.05 and a SAA (Sound Absorption Average) rating of 1.04.

Panels are available in black, and priced four to a package at an MSRP of $149. They’re available now.



Equator Audio


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