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DPA Microphones Allow Accordionist Jure Tori To Move Freely On Stage

Company’s d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones give internationally acclaimed accordionist ability to fully express himself live

By PSW Staff April 29, 2014

Company’s d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones give internationally acclaimed accordionist ability to fully express himself live

Slovenian accordionist Jure Tori is using DPA Microphones’ d:vote 4099 instrument mics to bring extra energy and quality to the sound he achieves on stage.

The internationally acclaimed musician recently bought two d:votes from DPA’s Slovenian distributor, Sonus, and is now using them for all of his live performances.

A unique and charismatic musician, Tori has performed on stage all over the world, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians, such as Austrian double bass player Ewald Oberleitner and guitarist Ariel Cubria.

He also plays as part of the group Orlek and recently established the Tori Trio with Oberleitner and percussionist Ganesh Anandan.

“When you’re playing an accordion, the whole body is involved,” says Tori says. “Therefore, I need mics that enable me to move and express myself without limitations. With the DPA d:vote 4099 instrument mics attached to my accordion, I am able to pick up the sound of the entire keyboard and really capture the sensitivity of my music.”

Tori’s reputation as an accordionist is so well established that his songs are now part of the curriculum for accordion students and his compositions have been published by the Slovenian Music Information Center.

His music has also been used to accompany animations by Dušan Kastelic (Bugbrain Institute), in movies by Metod Pevec and in various Slovenian and Austrian documentaries.

“My compositions express my personality, traumas and pleasures – sometimes in a funny way and sometimes in a sad way,” Tori explains. “DPA mics have brought real progress to my music, especially the work I am doing with the Tori Trio.  With DPA, I have achieved more live musical energy, improved the quality of the sound and found it much easier to play my instrument.”

The DPA d:vote 4099s are renowned for their audio quality and versatility. Despite their tiny, discreet size and lightweight design, these clip mics are rugged, stable and perfectly suited to the rigors of touring and live performance.

Intended for fast-paced settings, the mics can easily be unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument with only one hand. Additionally, the d:vote’s mounting system is designed to be extremely gentle, never marring the finish of an instrument.

“On an accordion, the constant sound of the bass is very important and these microphones enable that sound to be properly picked up,” continues Tori. “They also make it much easier to record live concerts. I have managed to find a good solution for fixing and positioning the mics on both sides of the instrument and, as a result, I am really enjoying the sound these mics are deliver.”

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