Did You Know There’s A Digital LCD Specifically For Car Washes?

I learn something new every day whether I want to or not...

By Keith Clark May 21, 2009

In my role as editor of PSW, I get a lot of press releases sent my way whether I want them or not.

Most of the time, at least, I enjoy receiving them – even the ones that don’t necessarily apply to audio/sound in any way, shape, or form are often interesting. (One of the “benefits” of being a certifiable information junkie, I guess…)

Case in point is the release below that I received earlier today. Again, certainly not audio related, but file it under “I really had no idea…”

As in, I really had no idea that on this earth there exists “a provider of premium digital signage displays for gas stations and convenience stores”.

Although when you get to thinking about how many gas stations there are in the U.S. alone, it makes sense that there could be such an exclusively focused provider. (A quick Google search tells me that according to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2002, there were/are more than 117,000 gas stations in the U.S. alone, and the same stats note that over 84,000 of these also have convenience stores.)

Of course, astute readers will recognize the name of the company distributing this particular press release and understand that it’s actually not a narrowly positioned niche outfit but rather a very large entity that makes a variety of LCD televisions and signage and related products…

Still, give them props on the market positioning…

“The Car Wash Display”? You don’t say…

And “SONNY’s Car Wash Factory”? I really had no idea… (Read more about SONNY’s here.)



New Westinghouse TV Topper Helps Car Washes Clean Up At The Register

Cost-Efficient Digital Signage Solution Lets Customers Know About The Best Deals and Promos Before They Reach The Register To Pay

Santa Fe Springs, CA—Westinghouse Digital Electronics, a provider of premium digital signage displays for gas stations and convenience stores, introduces a powerful and cost-effective way for car washes to educate and up-sell customers: The Car Wash Display. The self-contained system includes all of the hardware, software and simple-to-use content needed to easily create compelling ads and promos. The Westinghouse Car Wash Display is a unique solution that provides car wash customers with the latest product information and the day’s best deals while they wait in line before making their purchase. It is a great way for car washes to inform customers of the newest products and services available.

Sold exclusively via SONNY’s Car Wash Factory, the Westinghouse Car Wash Display solution includes an all-weather one-sided 19-inch Westinghouse Digital LCD screen and stand; Westinghouse’s proprietary neonSource™ software for easy creation of ads and promotional messages; and car wash related advertising content by Bclip Productions. The all-in-one solution comes loaded with ads and product demos but can be easily customized so car wash stations can display their own content.

The Car Wash Display

Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing at Westinghouse Digital Electronics, said, “Small to medium businesses like car washes need all the edge they can get to succeed in today’s economy and our PumpTop Topper is already a proven solution at thousands of gas stations and convenience stores across the country. Westinghouse’s full suite of cost-effective, out-of-home digital signage solutions—which includes hardware and software to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses and environments—offer a very powerful way to drive sales by reaching customers when they are in purchase mode. “


Westinghouse’s new Car Wash Display features the LCD screen, pre-loaded content and the company’s proprietary neonSource software. neonSource is digital signage software that allows businesses to advertise their latest product solutions, informational messages, daily specials, and promotional launches throughout the day on a timed schedule. neonSource displays current broadcast/satellite/cable TV or pre-recorded video while inserting banner ads along the top and bottom of the screen. The programming remains uninterrupted as the ads are dynamically inserted around it on the sides, top and bottom of the screen.


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