Carrie The Musical Counts On Countryman Microphones

E6i Omnidirectional Earset microphone delivers superior performance and fit under challenging theatrical conditions

By PSW Staff January 30, 2014

E6i Omnidirectional Earset microphone delivers superior performance and fit under challenging theatrical conditions

Presented by Ray of Light Theatre from October 4th – November 2nd at The Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, Carrie The Musical—Based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel—kept its audiences on the edge of their seats.

To ensure the utmost clarity for both dialog and the musical performances, Countryman E6i Omnidirectional Earset microphones were deployed.

San Francisco-based Sound Productions was contracted to provide sound for the West Coast premiere of Carrie The Musical.

For this project, Anton Hedman, owner of San Francisco-based Hedman Sound and general manager of Sound Productions, used 21 Countryman E6i Omnidirectional Earset microphones.

“In my experience, Countryman E6i and B6 microphones are the best in their class and have terrific sound quality for theatrical applications,” Hedman explained. “Because the E6i is so small, flexible, and available in a variety of skin tones, it is remarkably easy to conceal on the talent, which is a key consideration for theatrical use.

“They are barely even noticeable when mounted directly against the face. And actors love them because they hardly notice they’re wearing a mic. This allows them to concentrate on their art while we focus on ours—making them sound good.

“We typically use these mics with Shure SLX, ULX, UR and ULXD wireless systems and, together, they make a great combination.”

For the iconic prom scene where Carrie ultimately retaliates, there is blood everywhere. Hedman was challenged to conceal a mix on the actress that would survive having about four gallons of blood dumped on it – right before the closing solo.

“We decided to use an E6i mounted to her tiara so we could conceal it,” he explains. “We positioned the mic face down and protected it with a simple funnel-shaped wrap of medical tape around the capsule and a solid wrap around the ear connection in order to repel most of the liquid. We were all amazed at how well it worked!”

Hedman notes that one of the most important considerations for any product is its reliability and customer support.

“In this regard, Countryman product is first rate, and the same goes for the company’s support services,” Hedman says. “It’s always nice to know that the manufacturer of a product you’re using is there to support you. Countryman’s staff is very nice and is always available to help with any questions you may have.”



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