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Behringer Expands Network Options For X32

Behringer announces three new expansion cards available to install in expansion slot, increase I/O options in X32 mixer.

By PSW Staff January 28, 2014

Three new expansion cards are now available for installation in expansion slot and increase I/O options in X32 mixer.

Behringer has developed three new high-performance expansion cards, the X-ADAT, X-MADI and X-Dante – making the Company’s award-winning X32 Digital Mixing Console compatible with even more digital and audio distribution networks.

The X-Dante Expansion Card brings 32-channel, 48 kHz bi-directional audio interface, making it ready for integration with Dante-enabled IP networks using either standard 100Mbit/s or Gigabit Network infrastructure with DSCP-based QoS, with support for mixed sample and bit rates coexisting on the same network.

The X-Dante card utilizes 24-bit signal transmission with sample-accurate synchronization and low latency, ensuring the highest audio integrity, plus a secondary input for setting up a seamless, redundant network.

Designed to support digital integration of the X32 with any equipment featuring ADAT connectivity, the X-ADAT Expansion Card provides 32-channels of I/O on its 8 fiber optic Toslink* connectors. The X-ADAT card features 24-bit signal transmission and operates at both 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates, maintaining the highest signal integrity. The use of light-pipe fiber optics also ensures signals are protected from potential ground-loop interference.

The X-MADI Expansion Card seamlessly integrates the X32 with MADI networks, providing 32-channels of bidirectional audio. X-MADI accepts optical duplex SC-plugs (IEC874-19) to connect with fiber optic MADI devices, with multimode fiber optic cable lengths of up to 2 km supported. The MADI or AES10 protocol is rapidly becoming the industry standard in broadcast applications, making the Company’s X32 the logical choice for studio and remote mixing.

“We know a lot of audio pros want to upgrade to the X32, but they want to keep the rest of their setup,” said Behringer Product Support Manager Joe Sanborn. “With these three expansion cards, we will bring even more people into the X32 family with seamless ease.”

The X-ADAT, X-MADI and X-Dante Expansion Cards are available at a suggested MAP of $299.99, $299.99 and $499.99, – and are covered by MUSIC Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.



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