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Audio-Technica Offers Online Video Series Exploring Mic Techniques In Real-World Applications

Videos illustrate various tips and tricks for using mics

By PSW Staff March 24, 2014

A screen capture from Audio-Technica’s new series of videos

Audio-Technica has posted the first videos in a new series exploring different aspects of microphone technique, placement and more.

Utilizing some of A-T’s most popular products – including 40 Series, Artist Elite, 20 Series and others – the videos illustrate various tips and tricks for using mics in real-world applications.

The first videos focus on recording basics (11 videos, including vocals, guitar and percussion), and drum miking techniques (11 videos) and can be viewed in two playlists on Audio-Technica’s YouTube channel. More videos will be posted covering other topics in the future.

Gary Boss, Audio-Technica marketing director, states, “Audio-Technica wanted to create a series of miking videos that focus on real-world applications of some of our most popular products. We started with recording basics and drum miking techniques. You don’t need to be a beginner to learn something from the ‘basics’ videos – there’s something there for all skill levels.

“And as a drummer myself, I know how difficult it can be to master proper drum miking technique,” he continues, “so it was a natural to explore that topic with its own series of videos. We look forward to creating more content along these lines in the future, so stay tuned to our YouTube channel.” 

Here’s one of the new videos, and you can find the rest here.





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