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Aphex Announces D 500 Duo 2-Slot Rack Unit For 500 Series

Receiving frame accommodates both digital and analog I/O

By PSW Staff February 10, 2014

The new Aphex D 500 DUO is a 2-slot 500 Series frame; a larger version of this image is below

The new Aphex D 500 DUO is a 2-slot 500 Series receiving frame with a unique feature set.

Balanced analog inserts jacks are provided. When two preamp modules are loaded in the rack, the inserts can be used to connect processors like compressors and equalizers. The insert return signal comes before the output jack. If no processors are inserted, the insert send can be used as a secondary output for the module.

The S/PDIF output derives its signal post-insert. This allows for a processed mic pre signal to be converted to digital and sent to a DAW or digital recorder. Analog and digital outputs are always active.

The S/PDIF I/O also allows digital signals from a DAW to be sent to the rack, converted to analog, processed by whatever modules are present, converted back to digital and have the signal returned to the DAW. An analog/digital input source select button is provided on the front panel.

BNC I/O allows the D 500 DUO to be a clock master or a clock slave for a larger digital system. The internal clock generator is solid, while the internal A/D and D/A can both operate at up to 24-bit/192 kHz. A front panel button allows users to toggle through clock sources and sample rates.

The link button provides stereo linking for capable compressor modules, and the chain button sends the output of module one to the input of module two, providing an easy way to send the output of a mic pre to the input of a compressor without the need for a patch cable.

“Our D 500 Duo bridges the gap between the traditionally analog 500 Series workflows and digital connectivity,” says Aphex chairman David Wiener. “Not only does it include S/PDIF digital that operates at up to 24-bit, 192 kHz, its ability to stereo link and chain modules makes it adaptable to many use scenarios.”

—XLR analog I/O
—Balanced, TRS inserts
—BNC I/O for word clock connections
—24-bit/192 kHz A/D and D/A
—Stereo linking
—Chain output of slot 1 to input of slot 2
—Front panel clock source and sample rate selection
—Front panel analog/digital input select button
—Front panel on/off button
—Universal power supply
—Requires one 19-inch rack space




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