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Adamson E15s Perform Italian Debut At Umbria Jazz Festival

Since 2004, the Adamson Y18 line array has been used as the main PA with great success at the Umbria Jazz Festival. This year the new E15 line array debuted on the festival’s...

By PSW Staff October 4, 2012

Sting headlined the Umbria Jazz Festival main stage.

For almost forty years, a historically ancient Italian town in the hills of central Italy transforms itself for ten days each July for the annual Umbria Jazz Festival, which has gone onto become one of the largest music events not just in Italy, but in the world.

Umbria Jazz’s technical partner is Angelo Tordini, who is perhaps better known as the owner of the Ancona-based cable manufacturer, Reference Laboratory

Since 2004, the Adamson Y18 has been used as the main PA with great success. This year the new E15 debuted on the festival’s main stage.

“The venue is acoustically a big challenge because the entire floor is covered by wooden panels and a stone bleacher and a church right behind this bleacher that causes slap back reflection issues,” explains Jochen Sommer from Adamson GmbH who flew in to support the E15’s for the festival.

“Also while the base width for the PA is a reasonable 69-feet wide, the FOH position is 207-feet away from the stage, so the major challenge during tuning is to maintain clarity and the “in your face” feeling at FOH, which the E15 delivered very well.”

“To accommodate the extended 6.000 seats for the headlining Sting show, the final seating layout was pretty wide, but the smooth horizontal coverage of the E15 enabled us to cover the entire area without having to bring in an extra side PA system.”

For the 2012 Umbria Jazz Festival, twelve E15 speaker cabinets per side were suspended from the trussing towers, together with two Spektrix front fills for the FOH system. The two arrays were boosted by sixteen ground-stacked T21 double 21-inch subwoofers run in cardioid mode with a further four Spektrix speakers employed for front fills on the central two ground stacks in front of the stage.

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