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A.Focx Productions Mixes New Night Ranger Album With AKG Mics & Headphones

As with many other artists and producers, Anthony Focx notes that consistent audio is key to a reliable mix

By PSW Staff August 5, 2014

An C 414, one of several AKG mics that Anthony Focx regularly utilizes in his work

With an audio engineering and front of house background dating back to his late teens, Anthony Focx is an experienced producer, heading up his company A.Focx Productions to provide artists and bands with the highest levels of audio services. He utilizes Harman’s AKG headphones and microphones to produce, record, engineer, edit, mix and master tracks from a wide range of musical genres, including the latest album by Night Ranger titled “High Road.”

While producing the album, Focx emphasized the importance of microphone quality and placement, using AKG C414, C414 XLS, D112, C451, C4000 and C12 microphones as well as AKG K240 and AKG K271 MKII studio headphones to produce the tracks.

As with many other artists and producers, consistent audio is key to a reliable mix. Focx believes that, “the way these products are engineered is what led them to be a staple in music productions for decades. AKG microphones are used in all styles of music, and capture sound is such a natural way that it’s almost as if the human ear is trained to hear their sound.”

“It’s amazing how well constructed AKG products are and their ability to achieve inspiring levels of sound,” he continues. “My AKG headphones are very durable, lightweight, comfortable and boast excellent fidelity.”

Having a tremendous amount of experience under the belt, with close to 300 album credits, Focx is happy with his AKG equipment and is set to enjoy it for many years to come. “It’s been a fantastic experience using AKG products,” he concludes. “We’ve had many successes in the past with their microphones and headphones and will continue using these products for all albums in the future. As they say, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

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