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133rd AES Convention Papers Sessions To Address A Wide Range Of Essential Audio Issues

Networked audio, spatial auditory display for remote planetary exploration among numerous topics

By PSW Staff October 18, 2012

AES Papers co-chair Veronique Larcher

For the upcoming 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco, Papers Co-Chairs Veronique Larcher and Alan Seefeldt have assembled a four-day program of solidly researched presentations designed to share knowledge on both esoteric and widely discussed issues. 

“Our objective was to develop the most useful, timely, challenging and above all interesting issues to inform and inspire our attendees,” Larcher says. “The quality and diversity of the submissions we received enabled us to develop mult-faceted sessions covering such essential issues as networked audio, emerging audio technologies and auditory perception.

“A glance at the titles featured in these sessions substantiates their comprehensive intent,” she continues. “Attendees should note that all paper presentations are available in print and PDF/CD format, and they will be available in audio format following the convention.”


AES Papers Sessions Include:

Friday, October 26
Networked Audio
Chair: Ellen Juhlin, Meyer Sound Labs, Berkeley
• Audio Latency Masking In Music Telepresence Using Artificial Reverberation
• Service Discovery Using Open Sound Control
• A Unified Low Latency Network Architecture For Multichannel Live Audio

Saturday, October 27
Emerging Audio Technologies
Chair: Agnieszka Roginska, New York University, NYC
• A Method For Enhancement of Background Sounds In Forensic Audio Recordings
• Transient Room Acoustics Using A 2.5 Dimensional Approach
• Multimodal Information Management: Evaluation Of Auditory And Haptic Cues for NextGen Communication Displays
• Prototype Spatial Auditory Display For Remote Planetary Exploration
• The Influence of 2-D & 3-D Video Playback On The Perceived Quality of Spatial Audio Rendering For Headphones
• An Autonomous System For Multitrack Stereo Pan Positioning  
• DReaM – A Novel System For Joint Source Separation and Multitrack Coding

Saturday, October 27
Auditory Perception & Evaluation
Chair: Scott Norcross, Dolby Sound Labs, San Francisco
• Subjective Evaluation of Personalized Equalization Curves In Music
• Thresholds For The Discrimination of Tonal And Narrowband Noise Bursts
• Identification And Evaluation of Target Curves For Headphones
• Consistency Of Balance Preferences In Three Musical Genres
• The Effect of Acoustic Environment On Reverberation Level Preference
• Localization of a Virtual Point Source Within The Listening Area For Wave Field Synthesis

Sunday, October 28
Spatial Audio Over Headphones (5 papers)
Signal Processing Fundamentals (7 papers)
Analysis and Synthesis of Sound (10 papers)

Monday, October 29
Spatial Audio Processing (8 papers)

“The 133rd AES Convention will offer a total of 112 individual presentations,” co-chair, Seefeldt notes. “Attendees are guaranteed to come away from the 133rd AES Convention with invaluable knowledge. They will also be invigorated by the on-the-ground networking opportunities they’ll encounter,”

The AES events calendar here provides much more information on individual papers, including times, comprehensive abstracts and presenter details.



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