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SynAudCon Announces Fall In-Person Training Schedule

By PSW Staff July 14, 2014

Attendees of SynAudCon's SRT seminar receive hands-on training that students can apply to real-world situations.

Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) is offering several in-person training seminars through the end of 2015 in Asia and North America.

Sound System Design will be presented in both Singapore (August 20 and 21) and Bangkok, Thailand (August 24-26). The course details a logical, intuitive, comprehensive approach to the system design process, covering speech intelligibility issues, determining loudspeaker types for specific applications – and the correct amplifiers to use – as well as computer room modeling. Go here for more information and registration for Singapore and here for Bangkok.

OptEQ will be presented in Shenzhen, China (August 31 and September 1). The course offers a comprehensive approach to sound system tuning that combines contemporary and legacy design and equalization practices into a logical, accurate, repeatable process. Go here for more information and registration.

Sound Reinforcement for Technicians will be presented in Chicago (October 5-7). The course covers the theory behind how sound systems work and demonstrates how to use instrumentation to troubleshoot systems. Attendees learn what key measurements mean along with how to use them to troubleshoot systems and make sure they are performing optimally. Go here for more information and registration.

SynAudCon Digital will be presented in Washington, D.C. (November 16-18). The course supplies a comprehensive introduction to digital audio, signal processing and audio networks. The materials presented emphasize the practical, giving attendees a thorough understanding of everything from data formats to networked audio systems. Go here for more information and registration.

Finally, Making Wireless Work is coming to Las Vegas (December 3 and 4). The course focuses on wireless microphone technologies, frequency coordination, band planning, RF fundamentals, FCC and spectrum allocation issues, and site survey commissioning procedures. Instructors include top wireless professionals sharing their extensive knowledge about how to best utilize wireless systems in audio applications. Go here for more information and registration.

In addition to in-person training, SynAudCon also offers five web-based audio training course. Find out more here. All the above training is approved for Continuing Education Units.

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