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SurgeX International Joins Growing List Of SynAudCon Sponsors

By PSW Staff April 9, 2012

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SynAudCon is pleased to announce that SurgeX International has joined the organization’s sponsorship program.

SurgeX International was created by the original SurgeX founders after North American distribution of SurgeX products was sold to Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) in 2009. SurgeX International now serves the global marketplace with patented 230V AC power protection, conditioning and management products.

The SurgeX and SynAudCon relationship began in 1995 when Michael McCook and Andy Benton founded SurgeX, while simultaneously Pat and Brenda Brown became the proud owners of SynAudCon. The SurgeX group attended SynAudCon’s first seminar and brought with them two ‘new technology’ pieces of electronic equipment. Pat immediately recognized the need for that equipment within the audio industry.

Both companies had an exciting vision, however at that time they were also experiencing many of the same trials and tribulations which naturally go along with a new entrepreneurial focus. This created a natural bond and from that day forward they commended each other’s advancements and accomplishments in the professional AV industry.

SurgeX International’s Michael McCook states: “Education is key for any active individual, integrator or manufacturer in our industry. We know that SynAudCon has always led and continues to lead the way in a fundamental and highly advanced educational role. SurgeX International is proud to support AV professionals by way of SynAudCon sponsorship”.

Through the years, SurgeX has grown to become a leading manufacturer of AC power protection, conditioning and management. Their products are in almost every professional AV system. SurgeX International is now making unprecedented strides in the global marketplace.

“We are extremely pleased that the owners of SurgeX International have decided to sponsor our efforts,” says Brenda Brown, co-owner of SynAudCon. “We have had a rich history with the company. It is an honor to have that same group of people return to support our program.”



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