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Sommer Cable Unveiling Cardinal DVM120 Series Audio Tools At PL+S 2012

By PSW Staff March 14, 2012

The new Sommer Cable Cardinal DVM120 Series
Get more of the latest news from the 2012 PL+S show.

At the Prolight+Sound 2012 show in Frankfurt, Sommer Cable is presenting the new Cardinal DVM120 Series, which includes seven audio tools for professional live and studio applications.

Devices include:

DVM-120-TDI Tube Direct Box. The combination of a very high impedance input and a high-class buffered valve stage takes care of very sensitive signal sources in an optimal manner. So, for instance, the high-Z input will prevent the overloading of the pickup output.

The input has two bridged 6.3 mm jack sockets plus a 1:1 valve-buffered output jack socket. Parallel a balanced and electrically isolated low-impedance signal is output at the rear XLR socket via a Lundahl transformer. With the gain switch, the gain factor is selected. A ground lift switch for the input section and a ground-on switch for the XLR output help to prevent ground loops.

DVM-120-HZDI High-Impedance Dual Direct Box. A simple way of adapting sources to microphone inputs. It includes quality Lundahl transformers with 22 dB or 28 dB attenuation, which are suitable for high input levels while offering low distortion and neutral response – even down to sub-low frequencies.

On the input side, each channel has two bridged jack sockets; if necessary, the input and output grounds can be linked with the ground lift switch. The output signals are on male XLR connectors.

DVM-120-DDI Dual Direct Box. For easy, reliable matching of medium- and high-impedance sources to microphone inputs. The Lundahl transformers offer 17 dB attenuation combined with low distortion and neutral response.

On the input side, each channel has two bridged jack sockets; if necessary, the input and output grounds can be linked with the ground lift switch. The output signals are on male XLR connectors.

DVM-120-DLI Dual Line Box. The Lundahl 1:1 line transformer used in this dual-channel device was custom-developed for applications with very high levels. So, for instance, it is suitable for the electrical isolation of active PA components and high-level line sources.

Input signals are fed either via 6.3 mm jack or female XLR sockets. Both channels have discrete ground lift switches to disconnect input and output grounds as required. The output signals are on male XLR connectors.

DVM-120-HPA Variable Phones Amp. A dual-channel amplifier with XLR inputs, tone control and level control provides the basis for the main path. There is an additional auxiliary input with an XLR/jack combi socket which can be mixed to the main signal using a dedicated control.

The stereo switch is used to switch between stereo and mono modes. In stereo mode, the sub/pan control is used for setting the balance of the main signal. In mono mode, the aux and sub inputs are mixed with the main path via their own controls – turning it into a compact three-channel mixer.

Headphones can be connected on the front via two 6.3 mm jack sockets. All inputs are electronically balanced and can be switched between +4 dBu and –10 dBV nominal level.

DVM-120-SPS Remote Controlled Speaker Selector,  DVM-120-SPR Remote Monitor Controller.
These dual-channel units serve to connect two loudspeaker pairs with one monitoring output – a typical studio situation. The switching of the line level signals before the active loudspeakers or power amplifiers is done in the balanced signal path using high-quality signal relays.

In addition to the DVM-120-SPS Speaker Selector, the DVM-120-SPR Monitor Controller has a level control via an incremental rotary encoder; the adjustment is done using a display which indicates the level dB-perfect. The functions can be controlled using a remote control (connection via Cat-5/Cat-6 standard patch cable).

All devices offer a rugged housing design made of an extremely solid 3mm extruded profile. The front and connection plates are recessed for added protection.

All active devices are equipped with an internal power supply, suitable for operating voltages between 90-volt and 240-volt (50/60 Hz). The mains supply is provided via a high-quality combined IEC switch/fuse unit.

The high input impedance of the Lundahl transformers—about 560 kohms and switchable to 280 kohms allows direct,noise-free connection to the mixing console or preamplifier.

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