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Powersoft Launches DigiMod 2004PFC Amplifier Module

By PSW Staff June 27, 2012

Powersoft has launched DigiMod 2004PFC, a new high efficiency two-channel Class-D amplifier module for professional applications that represents a step forward in the company’s long history as an industry-leading manufacturer of solutions for powered speakers.

Delivering up to 1000 W on 4 ohms per channel (2000 W on a single 8-ohm load), DigiMod 2004PFC reaches new levels of excellence in terms of power consumption, efficiency and sonic performance thanks to a new power supply design, equipped with patented Power Factor Correction (PFC) and featuring patented Smart Rails Management (SRM) technology.

DigiMod 2004PFC shares the same compact mechanical layout of the other DigiMod Series models and includes power supply, output stage, DSP and connectors in a single, compact, lightweight and protected chassis.

DigiMod 2004PFC is fully compatible with all existing Powersoft DSP solutions and when combined with an optional DSP board is fully integrated into Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite for monitoring, remote control and networking.

Powersoft’s latest generation single-stage PFC design ensures optimal and consistent performance from DigiMod 2004PFC in all operating conditions worldwide.

The company’s SRM technology enables maximum efficiency in the system while drastically reducing power consumption under any load condition. Further, accurate design of the Class-D module’s Pulse Width Modulation block guarantees maximum performance, high predictability and immunity from intermodulation artifacts.

Like all Powersoft amp modules, DigiMod 2004PFC incorporates extensive protection circuitry, including power limiting and thermal shutdown; short circuit, overload and high frequency output protections; and clip and permanent signal limiting. The new module streamlines the certification process by providing EMI/safety certifications, reports and documentation, effectively reducing certification costs on the final product.

DigiMod 2004PFC paves the way for the introduction, in the following months, of two new compact four-channel amp modules based on the same design, offering a perfect match with the newly-introduced DSP-4 module to create the most advanced amplification and processing platform for three-way active speaker systems.



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