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New RCF LF18X401 18-Inch Ferrite Woofer Now Shipping

New model is the ferrite equivalent of the company's premium LF18N401

By PSW Staff August 8, 2011

The new RCF LF18X401 woofer

The latest addition to the RCF line of 18-inch woofers – the LF18X401 – is now shipping.

The new design incorporates a high-power ferrite magnet, ventilation, and very low power compression. The materials used in the ferrite magnet create a force factor very close to a typical neodymium circuit.

The LF18X401 also features a fiber-loaded cone assembly along with a high-excursion triple roll, constant geometry surround. This combination provides a venting system with exceptional strength, insuring a very efficient voice coil ventilation for minimum power compression and higher power handling.

Further specifics:
– 4-inch fiberglass inside-outside copper voice coil
– 2400-watt continuous program power handling
– 98 dB sensitivity
– 30 Hz – 1 kHz frequency range
– Dual-forced air ventilation and 15mm top plate for minimum power compression
– Dual spider design with silicon based dampening control
– Triple-roll surround and corrugated straight cone geometry

The LF18X401 is specially designed for touring, in particular, for professional bass reflex and bass-horn systems.

The transducer’s low frequency extension and control also makes it good for use within critical listening applications as studio monitoring subwoofer system.

The LF18X401 is the ferrite equivalent of the company’s premium LF18N401 woofer.



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