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NetworkSound Debuts Stereo in-Ear-Monitor Mix System With iPad Mixer Control Surface

By PSW Staff June 11, 2012

Components in the new MambaMIX32 from NetworkSound

NetworkSound has announced the new MambaMIX32, a 32-channel monitor mix system designed for in-ear monitoring (IEM), with an iPad control surface.

It gives each musician on stage control of their own monitor mix, with musicians able to create and store individual IEM mixes on their touch devicse using the free Mamba MIX32 app.

Each Mamba MIX32 system provides eight band members with an independent stereo IEM mix of its 32 input channels. The Mamba MIX32 system can be expanded to 16 or 24 musicians by adding an Extension system using CAT-5.

Mamba MIX32 comes with two EQs per each Mix Out that can be dynamically assigned. For example, EQ1 can be assigned to channel 5 of the input (“Me”) and EQ2 channel to your best “buddy’s” instrument or vocal. These assignments can be changed anytime during performance.

Two more Master EQs are assigned to Master Mix Left and Right. Thus, each musician has four EQs at his/her disposal to enhance the 32-channel IEM mix.

Gain, mute, solo, your own name features are available for all 32 channels along with Master EQ on left and right Mix out.

The final stereo left/right mix bus for the wight stereo IEM’s is available as discrete balanced output on a Tascam DB25 pin out.

Key features:

—32 channels analog Line Level inputs (ADAT in coming soon**)

—8 IEM stereo Mix Out per each system

—Expand 16 or 24 or more stereo Mixes by adding extension system

—2 dynamic assignable EQ channels (assign any of the 1-32 inputs)

—Master EQ on both Left and Right mix

—3-band graphic parametric EQ, HPF (low cut) for each EQ

—All EQs, HPF, Gain, Pan and Mix for all 8 Mixers completed within one sample time

—Balanced mix out for long distance or wireless headphone

—Easy to use and navigate virtual mixer on iPad

—Password controlled access to each mix for secure login to Mamba MIX32

—Easy label each channel such as mic, guitar, drum, lead voc, snare etc

—Belt pack for easy connectivity of mix out signals to headphone

—Handy volume control knob on the belt pack for easy access

—Save/load/delete different scene settings from iPad

—Fast load different scene of pre mix such as per song, per show, etc.



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