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Monte Wise Remembered Fondly By Friends, Colleagues

"Anyone who knew Monte will agree that he personified the passion that brings people to our business"

By PSW Staff October 1, 2009

Monte Wise

Editor’s Note: We just received the following note from Thomas Hansen at Bosch.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Monte Wise, Systems Applications Specialist, Pro Sound, for the Bosch Communications Systems Division.

Monte was an expert, a true professional. Monte’s ‘golden ears’ were second to none in the pro audio industry, and he helped perfect thousands of sound systems across the Americas, making friends everywhere he went.

A model for others, Monte’s care for our customers was never-ending. No matter what the time of day, he went to extreme lengths to ensure their happiness. For many, Monte was a mentor who improved and helped shape their businesses.

Always on the go, always smiling and always gracious and patient, Monte’s hands-on know-how was an essential part of Electro-Voice, a company whose heritage he loved dearly, and of whose success he was a driving force.

Anyone who knew Monte will agree that he personified the passion that brings people to our business. Monte had tons of talent, but he also had the charisma to back it up.

Though a masterful sound system technician, Monte always thought like a musician. A well-known face in his adopted hometown of Austin, Texas, Monte was always ready to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing.


In work and in play, Monte always delivered, and it always had to sound superb, of course. His performances at company get-togethers will be fondly remembered.

Monte’s life and work will be celebrated for years to come by the thousands of friends he made along the way and the millions whose lives will simply sound better thanks to his skill and dedication.

The entire Bosch family extends its heartfelt condolences to Monte’s friends and family, especially his wife Natalie and daughters Shannon, Rebecca and Megan. There will never be another like Monte.

Thomas Hansen
Vice President, Americas
Bosch Security Systems Inc.
Communications Systems Division


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Joe Constantine says

Natalie informed me of Monte’s passing early this morning.  Such sad news for me, as I was getting to know Monte on a more personal level as a friend, rather than simply business associates.  The last time I spoke with Monte was 2 weeks ago at the Dave Alvin show at Antone’s.  We had a great conversation and Natalie and Monte invited me over for dinner at their house when Monte was done with his current run of jobs, and back in Austin.  Makes me really sad to think about it now.  Monte was a great guy, I will miss him.  I will be drinking a few Jack and Cokes in your honor my friend…..Here’s to you Monte!!!

Terry B. Moses says

My wife Naomi Soule and I knew Monte when he was in his hometown of St. Louis, MO.  I went to school with Monte at Lindenwood University back in the late 70’s.  He was then involved in contemporary Christian music and I was involved in sex, drugs and rock and roll.  We both were on the air at the college station KCLC 89.1. 

I thought of him as a good guy but we were not close in college.

It was later on that Monte, my wife Naomi and I became real friends.  Monte heard my wife Naomi make a plea for anyone who had a copy of an album by Herb Pedersen called “Southwest”.  We were on the air at KDHX 88.1 the community radio station in St. Louis.  Monte called and said he had a copy and wanted to know if the Terry on the air was the same guy he knew at Lindenwood.  He invited us over to his self built cabin near Eureka, MO an outer suburb of St. Louis. 

We were introduced to his daughters who were very young at the time and his first wife Debbie.

We became very good friends because we sat around and talked about music.

Monte had worked in Contemporary Christian radio in Colorado after college where he met Debbie and married her.  At the time he was running a landscaping business.  Monte, as I am sure you know, was one of the hardest workers ever.  He made a success of that business.

Monte, Naomi, some other friends of ours and I were involved in a group that promoted acoustic and Americana concerts in the St. Louis area.  We volunteered all of our services and Monte was the sound guy.  He was great then.

Unfortunately, Monte’s marriage to Debbie ended.  She moved to Wisconsin with the girls.  Monte was devastated.  He loved those girls so much that he sold his business for no profit, sold the house and moved to Wisconsin to be close to those kids.

He was not making much money but he was dedicated to keeping close to those kids.  I remember when he ended up with Electro Voice.  There is no doubt he worked his way up.

Monte worked his way up to becoming the best in the business.  I was telling my wife Naomi last night that he is the only person I knew personally that was “the best in his field.”
That’s like someone being Tiger Woods friend.

Monte was confident but never arrogant.  I think he must have known how good he was but he never let on.  He talked about where he had been around the world and what he had worked on.  He talked about who he worked with.  You just never got the impression he thought he was special. 

He knew when he was right.  I’ll never forget how he was asked by the Rolling Stones tour to leave because he told them the truth about their sound.  I’ll never forget him talking about how Kenny Chesney’s speakers were all blown but Chesney’s people never noticed it.  When we saw Kenny on TV I always said to Naomi “I wonder if they ever got the speakers fixed?”

I’ll never forget the enthusiasm he got in his voice when talking about a musician or singer he liked.  You could hear him revving up when he got enthusiastic.  We loved that in him.

Monte may be one of the most unique people I have ever known.

We knew he loved living in Austin.  That was a town made for him and his taste.  The last time we saw him was a couple of years ago.  We had dinner and Monte, Naomi and I had a wonderful time just talking.

Monte helped a mutual friend get a job.  This was a guy who was struggling with a lot of things but Monte gave a good word.  That mutual friend still is working at that job and from what I can tell is thriving.

Monte was not perfect.  He had a couple of marriages go bad.  I don’t know what he was like to live with as a spouse. I don’t know his current wife Natalie but I send my heart felt sympathy to her and so does my wife.
I know he loved his girls. 

In the world of Roman Polanski, John Edwards, Rush Limbaugh and Governor Mark Sanford I would have to say if Monte Wise wasn’t the greatest human being around as Dizzy Dean would say “he was amongst ‘em.”

We didn’t see Monte much after he left St. Louis but I already miss him because I know he’s not in our world any longer.

When his first marriage was breaking up I can remember him asking how he was going to justify to God what happened.

If you believe in a loving God as I know Monte did you have to believe that Monte has first class seats on the train to heaven.  God love him and the ones he left behind.

Robert Scovill says

To say that I am shocked and saddened by this news would be an understatement of epic proportions. I first met Monte as the first EV line array systems were coming on line. He and I shared a bond in that our love of music was born and nurtured while growing up in St. Louis and our passion for music and espeicially live sound seemed to grow from a common place in our hearts. Monte was a true class act and I’ll say it here and now - we need more like him in this business. I for one will miss his smile and his energy greatly and am confident that I will share that loss with a great deal of folks in our industry. My heartfelt sympathies go out to his wife and children. Take care Monte—you and your family will be in my prayers.

nils anders erickson...rainbow recording studios.. says

Monte will be truly missed…As one of the last of the Great Audio Dinosaurs…Where the show and sound quality was more important then the bottom line…It is a sad day for audio…

Megan Wise says

I enjoyed reading all these comments so much. Dad was so inspiring, loving, and kind in the truest sense of the words. Shannon, Becky, and I learned so much from him. I was beginning to learn so much more in the way of the music/sound business and I know he will continue to lead me in those directions. We always knew he was special, but seeing and hearing all the great things people have to say about him…it gives us so much joy. Two sayings he would have is “Life is Art” and an older one from his hippie days “Monte’s Norm is to Not Conform,” I think those describe him best in a nutshell grin

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