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Harman Hosts Fifth AVnu Alliance AVB “Plugfest” For Audio Video Interoperability & Performance

Engineers from the different companies had a rare hands-on opportunity to test connectivity, interoperability and interfaces

By PSW Staff March 8, 2011

The AVnu Alliance presented an AVB plugfest last week at the Harman Professional Signal Processing Group in Salt Lake City. 

The AVnu Alliance is the industry forum dedicated to the advancement of professional-quality audio video by promoting the adoption of the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standards over various networking link-layers. 

The plugfest – an invitation-only gathering of hardware manufacturers with near-market ready products – featured Harman and five other manufacturers testing interoperability and performance of AVB prototype technologies. During the plugfest, engineers from the different companies had a rare hands-on opportunity to test connectivity, interoperability and interfaces.

“The promise of AVB is universal connectivity with no performance compromises,” says Rob Urry, Harman Professional CTO, vice president/GM Harman Professional Signal Processing Group.  “But to achieve this, all participants on the AVB network need to be able to connect and comprehensively test their technologies on the network. 

“The plugfest enabled this testing but also provided a platform for remarkable, valuable dialog between very smart, committed engineers from a host of companies. We were very pleased to host this plugfest and to mark another important milestone in the advancement of AVB.”

Lee Minich, marketing working group chair of the AVnu Alliance, and president of Lab X Technologies adds, “Communication — whether it’s for performance, commercial, medical or educational applications — is accelerated enormously by AV technologies. In turn, AVB is already making AV communications more effective, more usable and more affordable than ever before. This transformative IEEE protocol is enabled by the AVnu Alliance companies who attend plugfests to share ideas and experiences.  Their communication at this event will eventually advance AV communications across our industry around the world.”

As many of the products and technologies tested in the plugfest are still in the development phase, details of the participants and the technologies they tested must be retained until market-ready.

The first AVnu Alliance AVB plugfest was also held at Harman Professional Signal Processing Group in Salt Lake City and featured technologies from four AVnu Alliance member companies.

Harman Website
AVnu Alliance Website


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