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Grundorf Announces New Utility Transport Dolly Plates

By PSW Staff April 27, 2012

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Grundorf has announced the addition of three new utility transport dollies to help musicians and audio pros move their equipment easier.

Each of the three available models is manufactured from 13-ply Baltic birch wood, which supports considerable weight without flexing. To prevent abrasions to the dolly’s edges, the wood has been finished with rounded edges for protection against damage and splintering.

A convenient carry handle is an integral part of the dolly’s wood platform. Being carved directly from the dolly’s wood base, the handle has no protrusions to catch on clothing or other items. The handle is rounded and very comfortable.

In addition, the dollies are designed to stand on their side when not in use, occupying little space in the vertical position.

The surface side of dolly plate is carpeted, ensuring a scratch-free environment that won’t harm the equipment’s exterior.

The dollies are equipped with two brakes that enable them to remain stationary on an incline, keeping a heavy trunk from moving when attempting to open a door.

The new Grundorf utility transport dollies are available in two plate sizes: small (20.75 x 20.75 inches), and large (29.75 x 20.75 inches). The small model is outfitted with a choice of heavy-duty 3-inch or 4-inch casters while the large dolly employs heavy-duty 4-inch casters.

“While a lot of road cases come with casters, there are plenty of trunks and other heavy items that do not—forcing musicians to struggle whenever they have to move their equipment,” says
Frank Grund, president of Grundorf Corporation. “Our new utility transport dollies are specifically designed to address this very common situation. With robust construction, three sizes, and smart design that enables them to occupy a minimum amount of space when not in use, I’m confident these dollies will make the process of moving heavy equipment far easier for many people.”

The new Grundorf utility transport dollies are in stock and available now. MSRP is as follows:

• Small model with 3-inch casters (73-011)——$129.95
• Small model with 4-inch casters (73-010)——$155.95
• Large Model with 4-inch casters (73-012)——$159.95

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