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Eugene First Church Of The Nazarene Builds For The Future With Powersoft Amplifiers

By PSW Staff January 20, 2012

Two Powersoft M30D DSP+ETH amplifiers power the new left-right system at Eugene First Church of the Nazarene.

Powersoft M30D DSP+ETH amplifiers were recently installed at Eugene First Church of the Nazarene to power a new sound reinforcement system designed and installed by AGI Professional, also of Eugene, Oregon.

In the midst of fund-raising efforts to build a new 900-seat church, the leadership at Eugene First Church of the Nazarene was committed to providing the very best worship experience at their current 400-seat church. As a result, the new system was designed for the existing location with the capability of being built out to accommodate the new sanctuary when it is ready.

“It was important to the church leaders that the current contemporary services offer high quality audio,” explains Kyle Anderson, president of AGI Professional. “The ability to transition one system to the next was imperative.” 

Each side of the new left-right system consists of one Fulcrum Acoustic CX1295 12” coaxial loudspeaker and one Fulcrum Acoustic US212 dual 12” subwoofer powered by a single Powersoft M30D DSP+ETH amplifier.

“The single rack-unit amplifiers offer an amazing amount of power,” notes Anderson. “The clients were blown away. We were able to replace four amplifiers with two one rack-units getting rid of 10 rack spaces – incredibly efficient on power and space with ample headroom.”

The two-channel M30D DSP+ETH amplifiers provide two inputs and outputs with each channel offering five bi-quad filters for system equalization, two crossovers, eight bi-quad filters, and RMS and peak limiters.

The DSP+ETH units are equipped with Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite software which provides control and monitoring as well as preset management, uploading over the network, various crossover filter types (including IIR and FIR), and separate input and output EQs with a wide variety of filters.

“Tuning the system was a breeze. The EQ on these units was very nice to work with, very responsive – reminiscent of other high-end EQs on the market,” Anderson adds. “And because the amps are rack-mounted in a closet behind the stage, the ability to monitor and control them from front-of-house was another substantial improvement over the old system.” 

“After seeing what the amplifiers have done for the new system the leadership at Eugene First Church of the Nazarene is very enthused to bring more into the new facility when it is built – which speaks volumes for how impressed they are with their performance,” Anderson concludes.



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