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DPA Launches New d:fine Range Of Headset Microphones

Available in omnidirectional and directional versions

By PSW Staff September 14, 2011

One of DPA’s new d:fine headset microphones and cable with tiny connector

DPA has launched the d:fine range of headset microphones, utilizing the same 5 mm miniature capsules as the company’s popular model 4066 and 4088 headset mics, but now smaller due to a new housing that fits the capsule exactly.

The reduction in capsule size also allows smaller windshields to be used. “We didn’t want to compromise on sound quality by reducing the size of our proven capsule,” says DPA CEO Christian Poulsen. “With the new design we’ve managed to keep the incredible sound and lower the wind pop and handling sensitivity. The only change we’ve made to the capsule is to square off the edges slightly, which allow it to be better concealed.”

Available in omnidirectional and directional versions, the new d:fine headsets are also outfitted with earpieces made from a sprung material used to manufacture hearing aids, making them comfortable to wear and exploiting DPA’s experience of manufacturing hearing aid components.

The very fine spring automatically adjusts the headset to each wearer, ensuring that the earpiece stays in place by applying consistent pressure regardless of ear size. It can easily be taken on and off by the wearer, returning to its original shape each time.

A tiny connector attaches the mic to the cable. Microphones can easily be switched between omni and directional models.

Just by rotating the boom, the microphone can be moved from left to right ear, or into the optimum position. And because the microphone isn’t hard-wired into the headset, the cable can be replaced cheaply and easily.

“The smaller design of our new headset makes it less visible, while retaining the DPA signature sound by using proven capsule technology that we have successfully pioneered the world over,” says Poulsen.

d:fine comes with different colored cable steer clips, allowing for quick recognition of a specific headset. It also allows cables run from in-ear devices to be fixed in the clip.

A neck cable clip attaches the cable to the cloth to relieve the cable draw.

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