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dBTechnologies DVA T4 takes Journey Of Faith

By PSW Staff June 7, 2012

This Easter saw 4000 people in attendance at the Journey of Faith outdoor service, where a dbTechnologies DVA T4 line array provided the sound for the Californian church worshippers.

Supplied by sound, lighting & stage company Broadcast Support Inc, the success of the event has ensured the team is now the Journey of Faith vendor of choice for future lighting, sound and stage events.

Comprising four groups of 3 x DVA T4 on top of 3 x S09 subs in a cardiod formation, and a further 8 DVX DM12 wedges as monitors, the PA did an great job.

“I personally did surveys throughout the venue during the event and was very pleased with the consistency of coverage wherever I stood in the crowd,” explains Anthony Gallion of Broadcast Support. “The dBTechnologies equipment was an excellent choice and our post-service follow up with the staff was as positive as we could have hoped for. Everyone agreed the sound quality was perfect for more than 4000 in attendance.”

Broadcast Support’s Scott Ramsay continues in praise of the system. “The dBTechnologies gear deploys very easily and is fantastically articulate. I can train staff to use the speakers very quickly; the gear is very user-friendly.”

A large, modern worship service, the Easter event featured a 100-voice choir with a smaller children’s choir, so it was important that the speakers were low profile to ensure visibility for all.

Ramsay continues, “The stadium is raked steeply and I can’t imagine how another speaker would have achieved the even field with such a low-profile system. We achieved perfect coverage AND preserved every sight line, that is no easy feat!”

A time lapse of the set up can be seen on YouTube, where the day’s five hours of stage set-up, sound checks and rehearsals are compressed into a slick 50 seconds of footage:


DVA T4 has recently sold its 20,000th module, once more proving its versatility and ease of use. Gallion concludes, “Our technical team combined with dBTechnologies gear produces professional results every time.”



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